Gábor Lázár

(c) Eva Szombat
Gábor Lázár is a sound artist living and working in Budapest. Gábor’s works are real-time recordings of specific combinations of synthesis and compositional techniques.
His music has been described as “glorious and actually pretty damn funky” by The Guardian, as “a Robert Hood CD glitched up” by Norman Records, and mentioned by Secret Thirteen as “challenging, dynamic and strictly mathematical composing style varying between extreme academism and some kind of reasonable musical barbarism, Gábor is currently building a future of electronic music”.
His early works were released as a split tape with Russell Haswell, his first album ‘ILS’ was released on Lorenzo Senni’s imprint Presto!?. In 2015 Gábor collaborated with Mark Fell on the album ‘The Neurobiology Of Moral Decision Making’. In 2018 Gábor released his album ‘Unfold’ on The Death Of Rave. His latest release ‘Boundary Object’ will be released end of February 2022 via Planet Mu, following ‘Source’.