Mama Snake, Hieroglyphic Being, Tin Man, Alpha Tracks, Altroy & Quehenberger, Inou Ki Endo

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Snakes are elongated, legless reptiles of the suborder Serpentes. Like all squamates, snakes are amniote vertebrates covered in overlapping scales. Living snakes are found on every continent except Antarctica, and on most smaller land masses – the same goes for Mama Snake; a DJ, founder and owner of the mixed media arts label Amniote Editions and junior doctor operating out of Copenhagen, who’s bringing her viperine sounds all around the globe.

Her love of melodic, warm and fast paced sounds has secured a steady following in the world of electronic music and Snake’s no bullshit and fun approach to DJing has brought her to clubs around the world such as Berghain (Berlin, DE), De School (Amsterdam, NL), FOLD (London, UK) and Contact (Tokyo, JP) to name a few as well as many highly respected festivals around the world, with even more exciting adventures ahead for 2023 and onwards.


Jamal Moss, aka Hieroglyphic Being, remains at all-times a radical one-off musical explorer, a resolute pioneer of an avant-garde dance music aesthetic taking lineage from the founding fathers of acid house such as Ron Hardy and Adonis, and pushing the musical form to its own limits, adding his own harder almost industrial edge to this unique sound, which Moss sometimes describes as ‘Outsider House’ or, referencing the earlier avant-garde musical resident and pioneer, Sun Ra – ‘Rhythmic Cubism’ and ‘Cosmic Be-Bop’.

Hieroglyphic Being’s music crosses many boundaries and has led to remixes of a wide and diverse list of artists from St Vincent to Hans-Joachim Roedelius (the pioneering German electronic composer and member of Cluster), King Gizzard and the Lizard Gizzard to Adonis and many more. In similar fashion his music has appeared on Ghostly/Spectral, Warp, Ninja, Axis and his own Mathematics Recordings.

On his new album Moss once-again draws upon the vast scope of experimentation that has defined Chicago’s musical universe over the last half a century – from the birth of house music with the pioneers Ron Hardy, Marshall Jefferson, Lil Louis and others to the radical avant-garde jazz legacy of the city – The Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, The Art Ensemble of Chicago and Sun Ra.

Chicago’s musical universe continues to push-further forward today with artists such as Hieroglyphic Being, all continuing to explore radical new music while drawing upon the city’s decidedly Afro-futurist lineage.


TIN MAN live

Of Finnish descent, but born and raised in California, Tin Man now has a home in Vienna, a town perfectly suited to his deep and moody productions. Tin Man has acclaimed releases on the Finnish record label Sähkö / Keys of Life, Cheap Records from Vienna, and continues with new releases on his own imprint, Global A. While Tin Man’s output is diverse in its references, certain underpinnings can be heard throughout. There is always a strong reference to Acid House music, as well as a strong reference to Ambient and Electronic Pop music from the past 30 years. Tin Man’s newer output features his voice and follows a “concept album” format. Tin Man also continues with his passion for Acid House by continuing to produce retro-acid tracks and playing live shows regularly. These live shows celebrate early house music, its hypnotic charm, and its blissful raw energy.



Altroy Jerome is a US DJ and Producer who is known for skillfully fusing deep and soulful Detroit music with a varied selection of gems from around the world. Born in Harlem, N.Y. and based in Vienna, he performs a unique mix of deep underground music. He records music under the moniker Altroy and remixes/records for Editions Mego, Pomelo and his own imprint Minimalsoul™. He is the head of MSR Distro vinyl distribution based in Vienna, Austria.

Philipp Quehenberger’s music has existed as a consistent strain amongst the Austrian underground for the last 20 years. His output is a cracking combination of dance floor zeal and deep disco disorientation. A perpetually rotating sphere which blends genres whilst bending the body and mind.




Felix Benedikt aka Alpha Tracks is one of Austria’s most successful techno exports. When trance was rediscovered by the techno underground a few years ago, he was right at the forefront. Since then, he has been considered one of the figureheads of the genre. The producer and DJ, who was socialised in the Viennese Cheap environment, harks back to the rave era of the early nineties in his high-BPM sets, ignoring speed limits and taste doctrines.



Shilla Strelka hosts concerts and club nights as Struma+Iodine and curates the Unsafe+Sounds Festival in Vienna. She is part of the curatorial team of the Elevate Festival, Graz and active as a music journalist and DJ. As Inou Ki Endo, she works on coming to terms with the past and the present, filtering communal sounds and rhythms from contemporary club music, industrial, digital avant-garde and noise. Her focus is on infernal and cerebral sounds beyond the mainstream.