Atikka is the new Copenhagen based trance duo consisting of Danish artist Susanne Benther Mouritsen (aka Xuri) and Australian artist John Cleworth (aka Cleworth) – a duo specialising in bringing hypnotic live trance sets into club spaces. Making their debut back at Kune Festival in July 2022, Atikka emitted a fresh sound with their pounding live set – proving to now be ones to watch emerging out of the Copenhagen trance scene.

Having both a background in experimental music, Xuri and Cleworth are stretching the genre of trance through incorporating driving breakbeats, hypnotic melodies, and odd structures that excite playfulness – all driven by a modern sound design.

Susanne and John have performed as a duo since 2019 with their alias’ Xuri and Cleworth, guiding the listener through their extraterrestrial explorations, whilst exhibiting an electrifying array of crisp synthesis layered with organic recordings and immersive sound design.  Their recent project of note ‘For My Brother’ was debuted when Xuri and Cleworth closed the Mimerlaven stage at Norberg Festival 2022.


TRANSKI dj-set

Embrace the community, counter the industry. The Vienna/London based Trance producer Transki mirrors a new generation of autodidacted music makers. Crating and researching the sounds of forgotten records, abstracting the sense of club music, breaking and adding new values to current states – this all defines Transki’s work. Transki appeared firstly during the first pandemic lockdown as a side project of Adam Skull. Like the growth of a well focused library, the DIY Project Transki evolved itself into varieties of new sounds and collaboration of mind-liked people.


VICH MIND dj-set

VICH MIND dj-set Psychedelic near-breakthrough stimulation or cathartic hyperpop anthem: Vich Mind tries to rehabilitate a kind of naive material emotion into the subcultural canon that is lined with raw neck-breaking kicks and liquified trance basslines, all encased in anthemic progressions; hypercharged and full of fantasy. Their sound is futuristic although in romantic tradition, esoteric in a sobering way, dark entrenchment and joyful satire: opposition fuels the at times schizophrenic codes of their universe.



The music of Alpha Tracks is mainly produced live on analog machines, often with different guest musicians, focussing less on technical fetishism than on live dynamics of studio collaborations. The result is a sound that refers to the rave era of the early nineties. Alpha Tracks blithely ignores tempo limits or taste doctrines. Aesthetic taboos or even fragments of often maligned genres, are not picked up as a retro fetish but are folded into the contemporary oeuvre with playful Viennese charm.



Shilla Strelka hosts concerts and club nights as Struma+Iodine and curates the Unsafe+Sounds Festival in Vienna. She is part of the curatorial team of the Elevate Festival, Graz and active as a music journalist and DJ. As Inou Ki Endo, she works on coming to terms with the past and the present, filtering communal sounds and rhythms from contemporary club music, industrial, digital avant-garde and noise. Her focus is on infernal and cerebral sounds beyond the mainstream.