Due to Covid-19 we are in lockdown, with clubs being closed. As we still want to keep up with musicians and DJs around, and feel that digital streams are irretrievably lacking the social energy of live music events and are not able to compensate for it, we are looking for consolation in words. In the end music is a social practice. Insides features voices from Vienna’s electronic music scene, looking to exchange ideas, find mutual inspiration and exit strategies, entering personal realms.

Hello, how are you?

A thousand thoughts have been running through my head these past months. So much has changed during the ongoing crises, not only on a personal level. In addition to the alarming state of the pandemic and the numerous fatalities, the policies implemented by the authorities, the nationalization discourse, the emergency circuits and the rapid law changes are also a cause for concern. And we don’t have to look far: Data monitoring of individuals violates basic democratic rights and in many countries the pandemic is used to undermine democratic processes and establish dictatorial structures; and we watch in silence. Moreover, there are still many grievances that have been neglected lately in the media, such as the refugee situation in Greece or the death of two Turkish musicians who went on hunger strike due to state repression. And there are a lot serious problems we will face in the future if you think of the rising number of unemployment.

“you have to start to live with your own demons”

This global crisis affects everyone and due to the lack of distraction the quarantine forces us to reflect more about ourselves and you have to start to live with your own demons. Between zoom meetings and work, euphoric moments and terrible sadness, fears and yearnings, sleepless nights and missing intimacy, sensing unfulfilled longings, growing older you recognize that life dreams are shattered by reality and time becomes your enemy. Living alone you start to think about connections and love to other people, on one side you realize how fragile some connections to people who really matter are you thought they were strong, on the other side you are thankful to have so many good friends and stable conditions to life. Between the news and feeling sorry for all the misery, worrying about your homecountry Italy, longing for journeys to foreign and distant countries because you feel trapped in your own little apartment, between all these thoughts and feelings I started to do some music.

In April I should have traveled to Sri Lanka and I had a very specific idea of field recordings, which I wanted to use in my production. Well, the story is different. These are two tracks I am working on at the moment. The cello and setar parts are played by my friend Saleh Rozati.

Making music is a very intimate process and can be comforting in times of crisis, but nevertheless I became aware once again of how much music is a social practice and collective experience. I miss sharing music by listening together with my friends the most. Therefore all the music live-streaming, which is very much owed to the attention economy of our system, can never replace the actual experience of music in clubs and concert venues. I can`t tell what will change in the future, do not believe that we will have a big system change on the level of economy or society, but I do hope that the underground scene will still survive and we keep on with solidarity, we have shown in recent months by following the rules. There is not much we can do as individuals. I see politics as responsible for creating acceptable conditions for artists, musicians and cultural workers, who are suffering quite much these days. We will see what the change of the Secretary of State will bring to the whole creative scene.

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