“This mix reflects my research and a longer journey of continuous exploration of polyrhythms, irregular beats and time signatures, Bulgarian Avant-garde, New Age and Folklore singing, Gamelan, Footwork, Dub, Abstract and Noise music to Hardcore and their fascinating relations, particularly through intercultural appropriations and interpretations from around the globe, like Geinō Yamashirogumi singing Bulgarian folklore songs or Mkwaju Ensemble interpreting African rhythms, Scottish electronic music pioneer Janet Beat’s take on Gamelan, Felipe Vaz’s experimenting with “the sound of Mark Fell”, Bulgarian electronic musician Autonomaton’s weightless dub float, Foodman’s hypnotic abstractions of footwork and Yximalloo bringing this genre’s sound to a completely different and intimate dimension. Ending with Dimitar Nenov’s beautiful and nostalgic miniature from the 1920s, which could be easily mistaken with a Studio Ghibli’s movie soundtrack. This mix is a small sip, a short dip in an infinitely swelling and evolving musical and neural multitude. Enjoy! ”

Geinō Yamashirogumi – Doll’s Polyphony
Женска фолклорна група от село Долен, Гоцеделчевско – Лесни се, Горо [Female folklore group from Dolen village, Gocedelchevsko – Lesni se, Goro]
Вера Баева – Пеперуда / Тантра Танц Край Огъня / Добро Настроение [Vera Baeva – Bu>erfly / Tantra Dance around the Fire / Good Mood]
Стефан Икономов – Концертна музика за две пиана и струнен оркестър [Stefan Ikonomov – Concert music for two pianos and string orchestra]
Любомир Пипков – Пролетни приумици – Оп. 78 – 6. Ръченица [Lubomir Pipkov – Spring Caprices – Op. 78 – 6. Rachenitsa]
Димитър Ненов – Токата [Dimitar Nenov – Toccata, played by Viktor Valkov]
Студентски женски камерен хор при ВМПИ Пловдив – Политемпи 3 [Student’s female chamber choir VMPI Plovdiv – Politempi 3]
Midori Takada – Crossing
André Boucourechliev – Texte 2 [Андрей Букурещлиев – Текст 2]
Masahiro Sugaya – 森
The Bulgarian Voices Angelite & Huun-Huur-Tu – Wave Mkwaju Ensemble – Zindo Zindo
ヘンリー川原 [Henry Kawahara] – In My Rela7onship with You, I Think about Myself on the Bed (Panpot Version)
Yeong Die – Severe Cases
Janet Beat – Echoes From Bali
Любомир Денев – Деформация на пианото [Lubomir Denew – Piano Deformalons] Felipe Vaz – Not At All In The Style Of Mark Fell
Angel Bat Dawid – Heathen Prac7ces at Funerals
Cucina Povera – Liikaa liimaa
Best Available Technology – Beóer2Never
Loraine James – LorIAne James
African Ghost Valley – MEER
Imaginary Forces – Young House Abu Ama – Goat Pipe
price – Rebar and Dread, Interwoven Relaxer – Concealer
Ober Dada – TR Trance
Animassacre – Tear This World Apart Valen7na MagaleK – Bubble Pain Cyrus Pireh – Sending Posi7ve Vibes Autonomaton – New year at autumn African Head Charge – Belinda Mayurashka – U
Geinoh Yamashirogumi – 踊り上⼿手なペトルンコ [Бре, Петрунко] Nisennenmondai – B–1’
Foodman – Kachikachi + The Chicken Granny – Quit The Body
Yximalloo – Hasegawa
The Bulgarian Voices Angelite – Tapan Bie [Българските Гласове Ангелите – Тъпан бие] Foodman – Hirake Tobira
DJ Manny – Havin’ Fun [Featuring DJ Phil]
Young Muscle – Slipstream
Shogun – Paparazzi
Daisuke Tanabe – hard off haul
kidwar – grassland
Daisuke Tanabe – your tube
Parris – Sleepless Comfort
Sergei Djokanov – The Green Desert [Сергей Джоканов – Зелената Пустиня]
Relaxer – Traps and Lures
Geinō Yamashirogumi – ラーダよ [Вечеряй, Радо]
Димитър Ненов – Миниатюри: No. 4. Пасторал [Dimitar Nenov – Miniatures: No. 4. Pastoral, played by Viktor Valkov]