“A two hour trip of reshaping and interacting emotional-gravitational forces in a vortex of gold and white streams of liquid fire and purple earths – forming from tears of bliss and the stinging sensation of pure love. starting from gentle first vibrations of reflective numbness and slowly building euphoria one passes by the tingles of colourful motion and spirals of rotational antigravity. one will at last reach home. the home that is found in the moments that we connect with ourselves through pain, it is a plunge into the deepest trenches of my pulsating darkness and the light it juxtaposes. i made part of this mix last summer while processing the absolute most painful episode of my life, going back to it now in new light felt only natural. i gave it new context and saw it as an opportunity for healing and expression of deeply human experiences through the most nonverbal and instinctive medium (and the one i know best): sound.”