Klara Lewis, Fru Fru (Maja Osojnik & Angélica Castelló), the concept horse, Subletvis


Klara Lewis is a critically acclaimed sound sculptress and has for the past four years been presenting her audio-visual show in clubs and art galleries around the world, and has been selected as a highlight of such festivals as Atonal, Mutek, Sonar and Semibreve. Lewis builds her work from heavily manipulated samples and field recordings creating a unique combination of the organic and digital. With her signature sound-recycling technique Lewis collects material from ou world and creates something entirely new.

After two well-received solo albums (Editions Mego) and one EP (Peder Mannerfelt Produktion) Lewis has now released “Care” (Editions Mego), a collaborative album with the legendary composer Simon Fisher Turner.

Lewis is also working on a number of collaborations with such artists as Rainier Lericolais, Robert Lippok (raster-noton artist & To Rococo Rot member) and Nik Void (Factory Floor & Carter Tutti Void), Lucy Railton, Graham Lewis and Peder Mannerfelt. Lewis has also created a commissioned sound installation for Uppsala Art Museums permanent collection and remixed singles by Factory Floor and Carmen Villain. Her music was used, alongside Stravinsky and Shubert, in “En Masse” (2018), the latest show by celebrated Australian contemporary circus group Circa. 2019 Lewis premiered a new live audiovisual piece inspired by Ingmar Bergmans film “Autumn Sonata”.

FRU FRU live

Maja Osojnik – voice, paetzold, electronics &  objects
Angélica Castelló –  paetzold, electronics & objects

frufru joyfully deconstructs stereotypes and clichéd patterns of perception, which are successively broken down into its sometimes frightening or startling individual collections. In the declaration of the obvious, the poetic-critical claim to artistic truthfulness, even beauty, in music, text and (sometimes) images is never abandoned. The world is good! (Burkhard Stangl)


the concept horse is the solo compositional project of dbf, currently based in vienna, austria. all works are compiled and arranged from a varying array of physical sound sources including vinyl records, processed field recordings, patched 4mm banana cables, mini-cassettes and noisy odds-and-ends such as gongs, leaves and bells. everything is recorded and performed live through a shifting collection of objects with cables, knobs, buttons, switches and pedals. tch has released albums on eë editions (2021) and flophouse (2022) and has upcoming albums on czaszka records and FALT.