SONIC AGENCY – MURSAL – “mother there”

Corin – illumina
Odete – Sereia
Lorica/Avbvrn – (Gouge) Vorthron
QOW – Qommetra
Soho Rezanejad – The Impermanence of A Flower
Scotch Rolex, Shackleton & Omutaba – The Three Hands of Doom
Aho Ssan – 05 Hero Once Been (feat. 9T Antiope)
Cryptostegia – If I exist
VISIO – angelo ribelle
ABOsahar – كان ليا صاحب
Qow – Rabsh
Centum/ˈsɛntəm/ – REPAIRED WITH GOLD

Mursal is a Vienna based performer and DJ. Her background in dance shapes the way she listens to, selects and plays music. Her DJ-sets are ranging from heavy percussions to grainy noisescapes.