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Ute.Rec Showcase feat. Oprofessionell / Mikkel Rev / Marius Bø / Ekkel / Alpha Tracks, DJ Valentimes, Midnight Climax, DJ Gusch, DJ Warzone, Ehrenschwesta, Evren da Conceição, Katana, Dr. Schock, Inou Ki Endo

Event-Duration 22-14:00 (regular night + afterhour)
Tickets are sold at the box office (cash only)

Line-Up Regular Night (22-06:30)
Ute.Rec Showcase feat. Oprofessionell / Mikkel Rev / Ekkel / Marius Bø / Alpha Tracks
DJ Valentimes, Midnight Climax, DJ Gusch, Evren da Conceiçāo, DJ Warzone, Katana
Line-Up Afterhour (07-14:00)
Ute.Rec Showcase feat. Accelerationism, Kineta, Omformer
Ehrenschwesta, Dr. Schock, Inou Ki Endo



Ute is a Oslo-based collective which started out hosting forest parties. Hosting their main label Ute.Rec, together with the sub-labels Sinensis and Translusid, their signature sound is to combine deep psychedelia with high energy beats.


Oprofessionell is one of the co-founders of the Oslo-based trance collective ‘Ute’ and the record label ‘Ute.Rec’. With a wide spectrum of releases under different aliases and projects, he has become a central figure in the trance scene the last couple of years with his innovative take on the genre. A distinctive sound of neo-trance blending modern trance sounds with 90s inspirations, playing with feelings like euphoria and psychedelia. With appearances on institutions like Saule, Berghain and about:blank in Berlin, as well as a Australia tour in early 2022, he is truly stating his position in the revival of trance music. This can be heard on projects like ‘Omformer’ (together with Mikkel Rev) and ‘Kineta’ (together with Alpha Tracks), to aliases as ‘Repulsive Force’ and ‘Oprofessor’ to name a few.



Mikkel Rev is a mysterious figure from the depths of the Oslo underground. He is a resident of the Ute collective, and one half of Omformer together with friend and Ute co-head Oprofessionell. With Mikkels solo project he has got many releases under his belt, both on Ute.Rec and the sub-label Translusid. With two strong single EPs on Ute.Rec and contribution to Ute.Rec’s collaboration with Amniote Editions and Blue Hour, he has made himself a unique sound. A style that draws inspiration from old school hard trance, but with his unique, sensitive and emotional touch.



Marius Bø is one half of Accelerationism, and one of the co-founders of the Oslo-based collective Ute. A collective spawned out of hosting forest gatherings, deep in the Norwegian forest. 

His sets can be seen as a concoction of mind altering psychedelic atmospherics – mixing old school records and futuristic soundscapes, mastering different tempos and moods with a psychotropic and trippy thread, shining through his selections.

Marius has gained experience all around the world from Elysia in Basel, Berghain in Berlin and Pawnshop in Taipei, as well as forest parties spanning from the Norwegian misty forest to the Australian hardwooded bush. 



Ekkel is the co-head of Ute records, a producer and a DJ. He is active solo and in formations Accelerationism with Marius Bø, Ipeo and Dosadi Experiments with Oprofessionell, and Solar Alliance with Mikkel Rev and Oprofessionell.



Felix Benedikt, alias Alpha Tracks, is a producer based in Vienna, Austria. The music of Alpha Tracks is mainly produced live on analog machines, often with different guest musicians, focussing less on technical fetishism than on live dynamics of studio collaborations. The result is a sound that refers to the rave era of the early nineties. Felix recently teamed up with Filip Storvseen (also known under the alias Oprofessionell and as one of the founders of the Norwegian label UTE ) for a new musical project called KINETA.


2nd Floor


DJ Valentimes is a producer, DJ, and label head of PUPPY and Anti State Electronics. Since 2018 he has established a firm representation in the global underground, with releases on PUPPY, Magdelena’s Apathy, Massive Gain, A.S.E, Morph, Ectopic and the short lived underground series NAUSEA [2022], his music is a soundtrack to clandestine celebration.

Based in the US, but most frequently establishing a sound for himself in Europe, he has made appearances the past 2 years at Herrensauna, Enter Oslo, Corsica Studios, Ved Siden AF, PTX, etc.

His most recent release “Heave” on PUPPY sub label PCD hones in on dark, empty, rhythmic utility nodding to the roots of the project with minimal, schranzy drum loops and long takes. His sets are a propulsive blend of delirious, unfiltered, rave tools driving hardcore roots into psychedelic acid tools, showcasing a reimagined use of the sounds of illegal raves in the 90s and 00s.



MIDNIGHT CLIMAX is a producer, live act, and DJ based in the U.S. who runs the record label and event series SYNTHETIC PLEASURES. Since 2018 he has released several EPs of dark fast paced hardware techno, informed by his background in hardcore punk with nods to industrial, acid, and trance. His most recent efforts include the now sold out ‘Filth’ 12″ and an EP on Copenhagen’s In Orbit.



Electronic traumatizer, dancefloor goon and knob wrecker DJ GUSCH likes to play rough. Muddy freetekk fields and punk rock’s bruised elbows are the roots of Vienna born electronic music producer Kevin Namiotko. His music morphed from straight forward hardtekk into a versatile mix of breakbeats, acid techno, jungle and overall groove-heavy dance music productions.



Evren da Conceição is a DJ, producer, sound and performance artist who works in club, public space, theater, film and gallery contexts. She is best known for her highly energetic, driving and intense DJ sets and live electronic music performances, which are influenced by a wide range of style. Such as underground techno, industrial, breakbeat, acid, electro, electro-acoustic and experimental electronic music. 

In her performances she concentrates on reaching a pure form of ecstatic energy, where time, space, sound and body transform into another level of consciousness, making her performances a unique experience.  She cites the social sculpture of a nightclub as her main source of inspiration: »I experience parties as large-scale participatory performances that provide an experimental, open and lucid platform to try out new ideas and create a deeper connection.«

Her debut album ELECTRIFY was released on the 31th of March 2023 on the Vienna based label Analogique.  



DJ Warzone has been one of the heads of the Viennese techno underground for a good decade. The producer and DJ with Kurdish roots is as clandestine as he is active. He plays at the city’s raves, is co-founder of the Horsepower series, has already recorded mixes for major Soundcloud platforms such as Crude or Boilerroom Harddance and is represented on labels such as Natural Science, Puppy Tapes or Magdalenas Apathy. With his harsh lo-fi sound, he serves the entire spectrum of the hardcore continuum. Dirty drum machines and caustic synths are used as well as digital tools. The result sounds rebelliously infernal – “the sound for post-apocalyptic wastelands of hulking war machines and shattered dreadnaughts”.



Menal Batti, also known as Ehrenschwesta, beckons us to delve into the dynamic and immersive sounds that reflect her roots and personal experiences. Hailing from Sweden and currently based in Vienna as a techno DJ, she is an integral part of the Wiener Gerüstbau collective, aiming to express herself through music beyond mere entertainment. By embracing her Kurdish heritage, Ehrenschwesta enriches her rhythmic storytelling with inspiration drawn from her father’s saz, a traditional instrument. While her passion for 90s techno music ignited her journey into the music scene, she has cultivated her unique style by blending diverse elements of the genre, harmonizing her distinct sources of inspiration and ardor into a cohesive whole.



KATANA is a DJ, producer and co-founding member of the partycollective GELEE. Coming from a jazz and sxe punk background in Innsbruck, featering italodisco and funk in her first sets in Vienna, she gradually increased speed and hardness integrating harsh noise and glitch, mixing and blending (early) hardcore, gabber, terror, hardstyle, hybrid, hip hop, breakbeat, tekno, hardtrance, ambient. KATANA will stimulate and irritate your imagination with a variation of rhythmic, celestial, distorted hardcore and darkcore.



Dr. Schock aka Laura is a Vienna based DJ. Born and raised in Germany, she discovered her love for various music genres at early ages and started playing the piano with 7 years. Today, her sets are breaking up borders of genres, mostly focused on bass, techno, trance and jungle with a pinch of ambient and hip-hop. While putting her sets in a conceptual framework, she loves moments of surprise, has a soft spot for dreamy tunes and lays a strong focus on eclectic sound.



Inou Ki Endo is hosting the Struma+Iodine nights in Vienna and organizes Unsafe+Sounds Festival.