Seefeel were formed in London in 1991, frontman Mark Clifford finding like-minded souls in the pages of magazines and on college noticeboards. After signing to the influential Too Pure label in 1992, the band’s first album, ‘Quique’ was released in 1993 to exited critical reviews. writing in the Melody Maker, Simon Reynolds called it ‘a blanched canvas for the imagination’ and later reviewing a live show added ‘the listener is swaddled and swathed in synaesthesia, cocooned in caressing sound-and-vision’. It was one of the influential magazine’s albums of the year. On its reissue in 2007, Pitchfork called it ‘a masterful debut album’ in which ‘you’ll hear the beginnings of a still-thriving genre that remains slippery and unnamed, purely electronic music with a strange, tangy rock aftertaste…timeless’. In 1994, the band decamped to Warp Records where they have remained since, albeit with some extended hiatuses. The 1995 album ‘Succour’, while a darker and more difficult work, nevertheless gleaned widespread critical appreciation. Writing in the NME, Sharon O’Connell stated “Succour provides both everything and nothing and is just as much a minefield as a treasure trove. It’s beautiful. Be careful”. In 2017, Pitchfork placed ‘Succour’ as one of the 30 Best IDM Albums Of All Time, remarkable for a band essentially using guitars. The band gained many influential fans, including the Cocteau Twins, whom the band would later tour with and for whom Mark Clifford would do four remixes as the ‘Otherness’ EP. After more touring, the band took a break which turned into a 12 year hiatus. After seeing the band play for the first time in many years at the Warp 20 show in Paris, Steve Beckett encouraged the band to record another album for Warp, which they did. The self-titled album came out in 2011. The Guardian newspaper observed “instruments glitched and phased into near-oblivion, their riffs reborn as weird digital signatures…….A hugely impressive rebirth” Seefeel are currently in the process of writing their fifth studio album which will hopefully surface early 2017.

PITA live

Pita is the pseudonym of Editions Mego founder Peter Rehberg. Born in London, Rehberg has resided in Vienna for term his adult life. It was here in the early 90’s that Rehberg harnessed aspects of noise, industrial, electro-acoustic and techno to develop a new approach to music. Whether constructing an album entirely from the recordings of a fridge or harnessing the live electronic potential of laptops soon after they hit the market Pita has always been at the forefront of contemporary radical music practice often paving the way for many to follow. Birthing the extreme computer music genre, scoring the works of controversial French theatre director Gisele Vienne, ongoing collaborations with Jim O’Rourke, Fennesz, Marcus Schmickler and Stephen O’Malley all define Rehberg’s open ended approach to the creative act. As head of the influential Editions Mego family of labels, he has released albums by renowned artists like Fennesz, Heather Leigh, Klara Lewis, Kevin Drumm, Thomas Brinkmann, Florian Hecker, Bernard Parmegiani, Russell Haswell, KTL, Iannis Xenakis, Oren Ambarchi, Bill Orcutt, Mark Fell and many more.