Sonic Specters II: Perila, Afrodeo (Struma+Iodine x AIL)

Sonic Specters. A cooperation between Struma+Iodine and AIL (Angewandte Innovation Lab)

Between Nostalgia and Anticipation New Series of Sound Performances, starting October 2023

Eerie atmospheres and flickering sound traces created by past audio sources and the coming times – for each event of the new series Sonic Specters. Between Nostalgia and Anticipation two musicians track down what has ceased to exist and what is yet to come. Oscillating between melancholic nostalgia and euphoric anticipation, linear concepts of time and space will be called into question. Does the past haunt the present and the future?

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What do you mean when we say that substance matters?

Perila is a St. Petersburg-born, Berlin-based sound and visual artist, DJ and performer exploring sensitive borderlines and depths of subtle matter. Her sets are thick narratives drifting through rich sound palette immerging a listener into pretty personal trip. Constantly shifting moods and textures of mixes create comfort space for emotions to foat, merge, evaporate and ride in a deep context.

Apart from sound practice and research Perila constructs intimate visual, textual, contextual, performative layers to afect a listener on many levels. Practice is aimed to challenge and overcome boundaries and share this expansion with the Other.

Stay in presence. Impermanence and balance.



Afrodeo is an Istanbul-born producer, rapper and radio personality based in Vienna. Influenced by Eisenstein’s montage theory, his sampladelic work generates poetic evocations of memory and fantasy through the combination of sounds from a vast sonic palette ranging between tape loops, field recordings, TV/film samples and ethereal singing. Besides releasing music, Afrodeo has been hosting a thematic radio show called Sovyet Montajı since 2016.