“I’ve been thinking about and listening to SOPHIE’s work since the news of her passing. I’ve been trying to listen to her whole production discography; and I’m struck by the sheer breadth of sounds and ideas that she created while she was with us.

What her work shows me is that as an artist, musically you can do it all: she forces her listener to never categorise or place her within the limited confines of a single genre; her sounds manage to move through and with so many different kinds of people and musical spaces – she had this unique ability to facilitate world building with her audience during her performances and through everything that she did.

Shilla invited me to contribute to a mix for her series Struma+Iodine, and it feels right to select SOPHIE’s music for this. We should be listening to this together in a room somewhere to process this monumental loss – but instead, I’ve put together some of her tracks that mean the most to me and tried to express the vastness and complexity of her work, although this is just my interpretation.

What’s really helped these past few weeks is seeing the sheer multiplicity in the ways of understanding and celebrating her life and work; so I’ll link to those mixes here (all of which I would highly recommend):

Ruiho – Legacy-of-a-star-sophie-tribute-mix
Sorry-records – Sorrymix006