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🌿 Thursday, 07. March LISTENING SESSION* + RELEASE

feat. recordings by KMRU, Mariam Rezaei, Rojin Sharafi, Pisitakun, Mattin, Alley Catss

The artist Rojin Sharafi will be present at the discussion.

Live DJ-Set by Miyra Lim

RSVP for location (limited capacity): office@strumandiodine.com

Open discussion moderated by zey, Samo Zeichen & Shilla Strelka

* Free Donation, all proceeds go to humanitarian organisations which will be announced before and at the listening sessions

KMRU – “A Noise Whiting”

For Joseph Kamaru (KMRU) a Nairobi-born Berlin-based sound artist, sound is a sensorial medium through which social, material and conceptual interpretations are manifested in his works. KMRU carries with him a repository of listening experiences from Nairobi and beyond expanding his sonic practices, bringing an awareness of surroundings through creative compositions, installations and performances. He has earned international acclaim from his performances and releases , at the Barbican, Berlin Atonal, Présences électronique, and releases on Editions Mego, Subtext, Seil Records. KMRU has carved out a serious and definitive space on the list of essential authors in ambient experimental music – one of the most prolific and innovative artists in his field.


PISITAKUN – “I remix the drums part from 133 protest songs”

From Bangkok, Pisitakun has been weaving traditional Thai instrumentation together with pounding rhythms and rugged samples, building post-industrial noisescape since 2014. A large part of his inspiration lies in a frustration at his country’s political life and censorship rules, forging these protest songs to turn noise into fiery expressions of hope – and anger.


ROJIN SHARAFI – “Those Wild Whispers”

Rojin Sharafi is a Vienna-based, Tehran-born soundartist, performer and composer of acoustic and electronic music, which freely crosses the borders between genres. She creates entirely unique musical textures through the use of analogue, acoustic and augmented instruments, as well as digital tools of her own devising. She is currently pursuing her masters in composition and sound engineering at the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts. Her debut album “Urns Waiting to be Fed,” with Zabte Zote, has been lauded as “one of [2019’s] most ecstatic and fiercely original hours of music.” A second album, “Zangaar,” was released in 2020.


MARIAM REZAEI – “Even If I Were a Seed In The Soil I Still Could Not Comprehend The Bloodshed”

Turntables, high-velocity surrealism, and killer nails – welcome to the world of Mariam Rezaei. Her groundbreaking compositions and improvisations for turntables confound listeners across extensive workouts that evolve into bafflingly mangled inversions, ripping up boundaries between collage, noise, and jazz. The multi-award winning noise savant and turntablist is a key figure in the Newcastle & Gateshead experimental scene in North East England, previously serving as artistic director of TUSK festival, and recently gracing the cover of The Wire with kindred mixmaster spirits, Maria Chávez and Victoria Shen.


MATTIN – “The Catastrophic Reaction”

Mattin is an artist, musician and theorist working conceptually with noise and improvisation. Through his practice writing and pedagogy, he explores performative forms of estrangement as a way to deal with structural alienation. Along with Anthony Iles he edited the book Noise & Capitalism. Anthony Iles and Mattin are currently in the final stages of editing the volume Abolishing Capitalist Totality: What is To Be Done Under Real Subsumption? (Archive Books). Urbanomic published his book Social Dissonance in 2022. Mattin is part of the bands Billy Bao and Regler and has over 100 releases in different labels worldwide. Since 2020, he co-hosts the podcast Social Discipline with Miguel Prado.



Alley Catss is the main project of Máté Elod Janky, a Budapest-based borderline musician and visual artist. His work is characterized by the observation of digital textures and motifs and the reinterpretation of their environmental and spatial qualities. Running Daddypower Records, an independent label dedicated to experimental arts.



Miyra Lim is a Viennese native and part of the Love-Fi crew, where she is mostly known for her deep house and UKG sets. However, her natural understanding and appreciation for different beat patterns and rhythms is the result of her multi-cultural background and upbringing, inspiring her to find connections between Anatolian, South East Asian and Black music in her track selection.