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Thursday, 30. May 2024


at Echoraum (Sechshauser Straße 66, 1150 Vienna) – Free Entry

🌿 Listening to the contributions of HASAN HUJAIRI (BHR/ARE), ZENIAL (PL), MIA ZABELKA (AT), GISCHT (AT)

Guests: Gischt, Mia Zabelka

Open discussion moderated by Tianyu Jiang, Samo Zeichen & Shilla Strelka

🌿🌿 DJ-set by OKO OKO (AT)

* All contributions released via our Website & Soundcloud


Hasan Hujairi is a Bahraini artist, composer, and writer. His work often explores the notion of the outsider, confronting (historiographic) superstructures, and the nature of constructing narratives within time. He holds a DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts) in music composition from Seoul National University (Seoul, South Korea), where he researched reorienting the narrative associated with the maverick composer tradition to be more inclusive of composers working outside the Western classical music tradition. He also holds a Masters of Economics from Hitotsubashi University (Tokyo, Japan) in economic history and regional economics, and wrote his thesis on the significance of conceiving the Gulf region in both its littorals within a Braudelian historiographic framework. As of January 2022, he joined the Sharjah Art Foundation as manager of the music department.



Łukasz Szałankiewicz (alias ZENIAL) – He is an electronic music performer and sound artist. Lukasz is a member of the Polish Society for Electroacustic Music (PSeME) and the Polish Society for Contemporary Music (the Polish subsection of the ISCM). His formative artistic years began in the early 90s with an immersion in the demoscene —an early computer community based around transcending hardware limitations. The multimedia nature of demoscene has remained an important element of his solo artistic work, where sound is often combined with visuals and influenced by a conceptual framework.



Austrian violinist-vocalist Mia Zabelka is considered to be a leading figure in the international scene of electroacoustic music, known for her innovative and boundary-pushing approach to music, incorporating elements of noise, drone and improvisation into her compositions. Using a unique musical language that she describes as ‘automatic playing’. Zabelka allows the sounds to be generated by her own body and gestures in combination with acoustic and electric violin, her own voice, electronic devices and all kinds of strange sound objects. Using this set up she is given the opportunity to expand the sound range so extensively that the violin itself becomes an interface and/or an electronic sound generator. She has released multiple albums and has performed at various festivals and venues around the world. She has also worked with a variety of artists and collaborators, including John Zorn and the experimental music group Zeitkratzer.



Ursula Winterauer lives and works as a musician, producer and curator in Vienna. She co-founded Ventil Records in 2015 and works on the distribution and realization of artistic projects in the field of soundart and advanced electronic music. Gischt, her solo project, draws its inspiration from the disparate sounds of industrial, techno and ambient music. Eclectic soundworlds collide, moulded into shape via precise, as well as vehement, use of live bass guitar, synthesizer and electrosmog clouds.


OKO OKO dj-set

Oko Oko is a bilingual living being that truly believes in solidary utopias, made up realities and political movements against oppressive systems. Fascinated by rhythm, noise, music, speech and space that (re)circulates between speculative dancefloor strategies and points of genre coalition, Oko Oko follows the imaginary borders where worlds interconnect_collide. In this sense Oko Oko is trying to leave behind predetermined zones of comfort by playing the wrong music to the right people. Or was it the right music to the wrong people? Zero One or One Zero. Red or Blue. Getting lost along this way is a tactical and compromise between transmitter and receiver.

Calling for humanity after all and a permanent ceasefire. 

Up/or (slovene).