Unsafe+Sounds is pushing back against the viral feeling of insecurity and focuses on artistic positions that confront our reality. We want to establish relationships with the fundamental changes in our environment, and search for agency, for appropriate sounds for our tainted future and our bewildering existence.


Stine Janvin – GLITCH
Speaker Music – Amerikka’s Bay (feat. Maia Sanaa)
Cam Deas & Jung An Tagen – That (yGrid/C#)
Kutin – Clusterfuck
Rojin Sharafi – In The Corner Of Time
Privat – Unterhaltung
Safa – Gazelles
NKISI – stars are fading
Prison Religion – Blacksite After Party
Snake Boots – Side A
NKISI – Dark Times
Rrose – Horizon
SØS Gunver Ryberg – Doing our best is no longer good enough
No Bra – Sex Slaves in the White House
Ewa Justka – Acid on Acid
Blaq Hammer – White Privilege
Sentimental Rave – Fuck you all
Omformer – Treshold
Changer – Change (Holy Mix)
Kineta – Cosmic Flux
Mikkel Rev – Rebirth
Ezy – Trollcontrol
DJ Warzone – Vicious Tool
Astrid Gnosis – Drop Dead
Ewa Justka – Mindless Cycles
Prison Religion – Cadylack
Kenji Araki x Anthea – Seven Eyes
Astrid Gnosis – Gore Lust
UFO95 – Me happy