Flucc Deck

Sonic Agency – Listening Session XII

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Thursday, 23. May 2024


at Flucc Deck – Free Entry

🌿 Listening to the contributions of DINA (CA/DE), FIRAS SHEHADEH (PSE/AT), NOISE DIVA (SYR/NL), DJ FUCCI (MEX), RAMA (EGY/DE), IDKLANG (AT)

Guests: Firas Shehadeh, Idklang

Open discussion moderated by Luna Al-Mousli, Samo Zeichen & Shilla Strelka

🌿🌿 DJ-set by TANBOL (KAZ/CN/AT)

* All contributions released via our Website & Soundcloud

DINA – “Sounds of Optimism”

DINA is a Berlin-based producer and DJ and co-founder of Nachtcrew – a label and party series fusing rave sounds, art and 3D mapping in order to provide a totally immersive sensorial experience. DINA’s production spans spacey ambience, punching basslines, and ethereal trance. She has released music on her own imprint Nachtcrew, and illustrious labels such as Amniote Editions, Space Trax, Live From Earth, and has many new stellar projects and releases in the pipeline. DINA has been invited to feature on a number of leading radio shows and podcasts including Hard Dance, Resident Advisor, Boiler Room, and NTS amongst others. She also hosts her own monthly radio show ‘Boarding Gate’ on station N10.AS and holds a residency at Munich club Rote Sonne.



Firas Shehadeh is a Palestinian artist and researcher based in Vienna. His work engages with worldbuilding, meaning, aesthetics, and identity after/on the Internet. He is interested in post-colonial effects, technology, and history. He holds a Master of Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

His work has been exhibited internationally, including Images Festival (Toronto, 2024), Centre d’Art Santa Mònica (Barcelona, 2023), Filmforum (Los Angeles, 2023), Unsafe+Sounds (Vienna, 2023), Qattan Foundation (Ramallah, 2023), Belvedere 21 (Vienna, 2023), the 7th Cairo Video Festival (2017), and Berlinale Forum Expanded (2014).


NOISE DIVA – “kohl el leil”

Noise Diva is an Amsterdam-based producer and DJ, Garage Noord resident, and co-founder at KLAB. Her musical stylings bridge together a variety of genres, from Moroccan trap to Egyptian R&B, French drill, dancehall, and UK garage, weaving together stories that transcend the dancefloor, while ensuring that dancers stay hot on their toes. The ecstatic flow that she creates in her sets is always unexpected, and yet guaranteed to create intimate connections around the DJ booth. Noise’s production work challenges genre norms, celebrating the nuanced intersections of diverse cultural influences. Her beats are characterized by their robust basslines and dynamic qualities, while her melodies possess a nostalgic and inherently feminine allure, adding depth and intrigue to her musical compositions.


DJ FUCCI – “The Agenda 2030”

Pablo Ramirez, also known as Dj Fucci (formerly Aladar), is a producer, audio engineer and DJ originally from Mexico. As co-founder of Mexican record label WAVA WAVA, Dj Fucci has been at the forefront of electronic music for years, creating innovative sounds and unexpected beats. He is known for his ability to build an audible story. His record label, WAVA WAVA, has set the standard in the music scene, consolidating itself as one of the most important in Mexico and Latin America. His latest release “Milpa” (NAAFI) has gained global recognition further consolidating his position as one of the most promising up-and-comers on Mexico’s underground scene.



Rama is a multidisciplinary artist and DJ. She grew up between Egypt and France and is now based in Berlin. She co-founded the Cairo based independent music platform irsh in 2019. As a DJ, Rama swiftly made a name for herself in Cairo’s electronic and dance scene by performing at underground parties such as VENT and MOSHTRQ. She is recognized for her ability to draw from a diverse range of sounds without being constrained by genres, with a method of mixing more akin to live mashups than regular blends. Rama also hosts a monthly show on Noods Radio, a space that allows her to play music that may not always be suited for the club.



Markus Steinkellner lives in Vienna, composing, producing and performing live as IDKLANG as well as part of groups such as Mermaid & Seafruit and Alle Formen Trio. For conceptual improvisation sessions (‘Urban Loritz Jam’) and as part of the group Fa Tech, Markus uses the public space as studio and stage. Markus has been performing live in Europe, South America and Asia, including appearances at Donaufestival, Elevate Festival, Hyperreality, Impulstanz, Parkingstone, Fuga Industrial or Unsafe+Sounds. They also write music for theatre, dance performances and radio plays, including productions at Berliner Theatertreffen, Münchner Kammerspiele, Ruhrfestspiele, Schauspiel Frankfurt, Residenztheater München or Nationaltheater Mannheim.


TANBOL dj-set

Tanbol aka Tangbosh who is a DJ/Producer comes from Kazakhstan and currently based in Vienna. He has been looking for sounds that can have deep connections with his roots from western China where he was born and raised.