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Nazar, 3phaz, Rent Release-Show, Rakita, Patrik Lechner, Transki

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NAZAR live

Nazar is a 28-year-old Angolan producer who grew up in Belgium until his late teens, when he returned after the civil war and is now based in Europe. Nazar coined the term Rough Kuduro on his Soundcloud page, as an interpretation of the Angolan music and dance style, ‘weaponising’ it on his first EP ‘Enclave’ released in late 2018, translating the normally upbeat style to expose the uglier side of what he saw in Angola. 

On Guerrilla Nazar uses Rough Kuduro to sensitively examine and digitalise his family’s collective memory and country’s past, threading together oral histories, political realities and most significantly re-imaginings of direct horrors. Every track on Guerrilla documents his personal story of the war and its aftermath in countless people’s lives in a detailed and episodic manner. Nazar’s father’s rank as a Rebel General led to prolonged separation of his family across continents, with continued effect.  “A couple of years ago, on one of many road trips I had with my father, we talked extensively about the conflict driving through Huambo and Luanda in Angola’ where some of the events of the album took place. These, along with his father’s published wartime journal Memorias de Um Guerrilheiro (2006) planted the ideas for the themes of this album, and it began to take shape over trips back and forth, from Angola to his Manchester studio. 

Nazar tells his story both impressionistically, evoking atmospheres and dramatic themes and at times with stark directness. 


3PHAZ live

3Phaz is a Cairo-based electronic producer mostly known for his debut album ‘Three Phase’, an album that presented a powerful and fresh new take on egyptian mahraganat/ shaabi sound; the record was released on the Egyptian label 100Copies in 2020. With further singles and remixes released on the likes of Rinse, Boomkat, Polaar, Nashazphone, and Irsh, 3Phaz quickly carved his way into the international club music scene allowing him to perform all around Europe.

3Phaz’s sophomore album ‘Ends Meet’ was released in Feb 2023 on Discrepant sub-label Souk followed by his EP ‘DramTraTrax’ released on Tratratrax in May 2023, both of which were featured in multiple end-of-year lists including Pitchfork, The Quietus, and Bandcamp to name a few.


RENT Release-Show “Kill A Phantom” (Ventil Rec)

Rent focuses on experimental, analog sounds combined with dark, glitched ambiences, located somewhere between dark ambient and industrial noise. Harsh machines and digital remnants work together to create strongly processed sounds that relate to bodily experiences as well as to digital dissociations. Rent ist the pseudonym of artist and ecologist Katrin Euller. Rent’s sounds refer to industrial ecosystems, interconnections, dark landscapes and their stories and the stories of those who inhabit these places. At the same time, it is the processes of sound creation itself that emerge in Rent’s compositions: sounds influence each other, reinforce each other, cancel each other out, dissolve and become noise, sound like the city, a car alarm for example. Then everything gets lost in the fog again.

Rent recently played at Donaufestival (AT), Elevate Festival (AT), Various Others (GE) as well as in several Clubs and Locations in and around Austria. Together with the Viennese Label Ventil Records Rent will release their first LP in June 2024 after releasing the EP As Cold As Sunlight in collaboration with TRANSFORMER and Wilhelm Show me the Major Label in 2023. Katrin Euller is also part of several artistic collaborations and proud member of the doom band EAERES.



Rakita, EMOtrance, Hard-Trance – she rises up from the hearts of Berlin/Vienna/Zurich. Connected on the dancefloors, making her way through the scene and the visual aesthetics of her own creation. With her sets that are <3-warming, she leaves the dancefloor emotionally loaded, HAPPY and maxed out from the fast driving sound! Her repertoire includes hard dance, SOFTcore, dreamy breakbeats as a short rest and she has already played in numerous clubs in the heart of the metropolises. Rakita takes you on a PLAYful RIDE full of euphoric surpises. See for yourself!



Patrik Lechner (AT) is an artist creating experimental audio/video content since the mid 2000s. Developing custom software for these purposes, original content in abstract sound works and real-time 3D graphics arose through the exploration of technology without losing focus on artistic expression. Patrik Lechner held audio/visual performances in Austria, Belgium, Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, Canada, Dubai and MUTEK Mexico and regularly played at the Austrian Pavilion at the world exhibition in Shanghai 2010. He received an honorary mention at PRIX ars electronica 2019 for a musical piece written for an acousmonium.



Vienna-based DJ and producer Transki is part of the new generation of European underground Techno-Trance artists. Over the past four years, he crafted his specific sound, worshipping the old school, while rethinking contemporary electronic music. Across his productions he is researching the field of psychedelic techno to acid trance.