Croatian producer, composer and songwriter active in the music scene since 2006, as one of founding members of the electro band Dekolaz. In the year 2008, after the break up of Dekolaz, Popsimonova started her solo project . With releases on Enfant Terrible, Romance Moderne , Gooiland Elektro ( first solo 12″) , LP on J.A.M. Traxx (with Zarkoff)and first solo LP on Electronic Emergencies label 2015.


French one man project Jessica93 is a powerful and emotional force of hypnotic loops, grungy riffs and cold beats, all wrapped up in an impressive sense of delicate and to-the-point song writing.

As one man playing all instruments, along with a trusty drum machine; Jessica93 builds his music with layers – balancing the raw and minimalist with a trippy warmth. This sense of dream and romance is present in all his songs, sometimes numbed in an opiate high, sometimes as matter-of-fact melancholia. This isn’t some pedal-fest without substance, or, for that matter, a total downer – some of those beats sounds like John Bonham trapped inside an ice box, and the groove is undeniable. Something wants to reach out for sure, and on stage this part-shoegaze-part-grunge-part-cold-wave operation of one does just that: reaches out and goes for the stars. It might all get buried in a heap of dirty clothes once back on earth, but still.

Using very little to achieve a lot – Jessica93 goes straight to the core of every aspect of his music – illuminating a brilliant song writer in the process. Nothing to hide, nothing to lose.


Dorcelsius is an abstract electronic collaboration from Paris, France between 2 visual/audio artists – Saphy Vong (Lafidki) and Samuel Trifot (Kikiilimikilii). They create their own sound which are sparkling arpeggios and acid blips.

You would have to be completely off your head on some of the most insane Columbian Devil’s Breath to begin to comprehend the meaning of this music. The result is a tranced-out electro psychedelic sound. Experimental but catchy enough to move to this rhythm on the dance floor.The duo have already toured in Australia, United States, China and the most of Europe.

S.P.A.R. DJ-Set