Liliane Chlela, Kasho Chualan, Andrea Lumplecker, Yasmina Haddad


Producer, DJ and performer Liliane Chlela is widely known in electronic and experimental scenes for her unique and audacious approach to sound, stirring audiences into pushing the limits of their auditory experiences ever further. Through her signature techniques, she explores the relationships between improvisation and the manipulation of sounds from wide-ranging musical genres.

Chlela constructs a characteristic sound both as a composer/producer and as a hybrid DJ. She further explores the connections between improvisation and sonic manipulation by approaching numerous musical genres with her signature techniques. Her electrifying DJ sets stir audiences to move and propel the limits of their hearing experience into new frontiers and prompting audacious approaches to sound.

Her work saw her perform as a solo artist regionally and internationally, but also as a versatile collaborator with regional and international acts from Mashrou’ Leila’s Hamed Sinno, to acclaimed multi-instrumentalist and composer Khyam Allami up to Björn Meyer.

With three self-produced albums already under her belt, Chlela’s latest album Safala blends field recordings, personal memories and incantations with pioneering and disruptive sounds.

Chlela’s multi-sensory flair for adventure saw her developing her aural and visual skills to apply them in other disciplines such as fashion films, interactive installations and performance art. As a result, her work boasts a diverse and audacious sound palette, making Chlela one of the most multifaceted female producers/musicians in the Middle East/West Asia and North Africa.



Kasho Chualan is a Kurdish-Canadian pianist, composer, and sound artist based in Vienna. She has been referred to as an antichrist of classical music, breaking borders of classical music by manipulating and improvising with an experimental, dreamlike, narrative and textural approach.


YASMINA HADDAD (school) dj-set

Yasmina´s essayistic sound sets challenge the normativity that our ears are constantly exposed to by bringing unheard voices, sounds and songs to the surface. With a call for active listening she spans a bridge between Lili Boulanger, Midori Takada, Faten Kanaan, Pamela Z, Louise Lawler, Julia Perry, Jlin, Sainkho Namtchylak, Moor Mother and many more.


ANDREA LUMPLECKER (school) dj-set

Andrea starts her dj set with ambient layers, but soon puts simple techno beats on the pile, noise fragments, but also tender melodies. You will hear fragile human voices as well as more-than-human songs, a buzzing, pounding swarm of sounds. “All together, this makes my humus, escaping human-centeredness. Thinking with Donna Haraway, embodying the practice of feminist speculative fabulation, I compost my soul in this hot pile.