Lamin Fofana – Bench Mi Mode III: Spectrum
Bourbonese Qualk – God With Us
Flora Yin-Wong – Aurochs
Dis Fig – Drum Fife Bugle
Lil Uzi Vert – Fire Alarm (ft SnowStrippers)
33EMYBW – Drum3 (Don Zilla Remix)
QOW – Bano
Saint Abdullah & Eomac – Time Designers Version
upsammy – Green Lung
Aurat – Anderha
Venus Ex Machina – Mysterium
NZE NZE – Yemendzime
Rainy Miller x Space Afrika – The Graves at Charleroi (feat. Coby Sey)

The Berlin-based sound artist, vocalist, and DJ Sara Persico started experimenting on the fringes of Naples’s fiery underground noise scene, developing a technique integrating her voice with analogue electronics, field recordings, and samples, while finishing her academic music studies.
Sara presented her work in festival and clubs such as Ballroom Blitz Beirut, CTM Festival, Nyege Nyege, Ormside Projects, Roter Salon, Berghain Kantine, documenta fifteen, schiev, Dancity Festival among others.
As improviser and performer, she has collaborated with a wide spectrum of artists, joining Evelyn Saylor’s vocal ensemble for Caterina Barbieri’s acclaimed “light-years” show at Rewire Festival and London’s Southbank Centre, and worked on projects alongside Elvin Brandhi, Chrisman, The Ex’s Andy Moor, Tony Elieh, Ludwig Wandinger, Dirar Kalash and many others.