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Tabata Mitsuru, Margaret Unknown, SKVLKRSH


Tabata Mitsuru ia a guitarist, bassist and composer from Japan.
Plays guitar, bass, vocals and noise in the following groups and solo.

Having co-founded one of Japan’s most revered underground groups, Boredoms, in the mid-‘80s, almost legendary guitarist Tabata Mitsuru has been a prominent figure in the outer reaches of his country’s music scene ever since.

Via his stints in equally influential, highly prolific and inspiring groups over the subsequent years, such as Zeni Geva and Acid Mothers Temple, his own input has been (dis)coloured by all from punk and industrial music, through psychedelia, folk and krautrock, to just about everything the avant-garde and improvised music have touched. Using these touchstones as his cue, he has moulded a style, or even sometimes anti-style, of playing that only essentially arrives from a combination of hard work, drained emotions, maxed-out energy and singular vision.

Open-minded, enthusiastic and never one to baulk from a new challenge, Tabata Mitsuru has also been found collaborating with many other artists over the years, has an extensive discography to lean on should ever a moment of self-doubt trouble him, and even found time enough to embark on a haphazard yet always well-greased solo career that commenced in the mid-1990s.

With a career than now spans almost three decades, this man remains as restless and impassioned as not only his guitar work but practically all the music he has turned his hand to during them. And whilst those cues that initially impacted on it may still, only occasionally, rise hydra-headed from whatever sonic stew he’s magically and mysteriously stirring, what he has ultimately achieved is reaching that point where everything he touches has become distinctly his own.

One of Japan’s leading artists in those, let’s face it, better and more interesting realms and, additionally, an artist of the highest calibre on a global scale.

Completely lacking in pretence, Tabata Mitsuru is one of the very few who can take his audience on an incredible journey into a Great Beyond where, unlike Conrad’s protaganist Kurtz’s voyage into the heart of darkness, there is a return ticket.


…born in Carinthia, raised in Vienna, Max Bogner have always dealt with the in-between and as a result been exposed to a variety of activities, localities and realities. Blending elements of performances (‘Aktion’), sonic architecture and dance, as well as decoding the subliminal power structures within language and the preconscious establishment, their work can most simply be described as eclectic.