SONIC AGENCY – SAINTE MARINA – “Surmounting the Sea”

Sainte Marina is French-born and Paris-based Lebanese artist, distorting reality through her approach of djing. She layers sounds ranging from dark ambient to polyrythmic noise, including industrial and ritualistic music, sprinkled with rap references. Her sets are build as liquid narratives haunted by voices taken from samples of political archives, poetry and mystical chants. Inspired by the use of sounds for healing, she navigates a wide range of emotions and rythms, sparking intensity through combining melodious sounds with industrial ones. She played across Europe in a variety of settings such as nightclubs, art spaces, festivals and livestream radios, always creating a mystical experience that breaks the boundary between a live set and dj set. She is a resident at Hong Kong Community Radio (HKCR) with her ‘Phantasmagoria’ show and has released tracks on independant labels Etang Brulant (FR/LB) and Caninal (FR).