Container is the stripped-down, beat-oriented electronic project of Ren Schofield, who sculpts vicious punk sonics into raw jackhammer rhythms. Started in response to his discovery of nineties minimal techno, Container combines elements from his background in noise and cassette collage music with a new found interest in repetitive beats to create this raw and damaged rhythmic sound that groove in the most relentless, hypnotic, unstoppable and psychedelic ways currently working the grid.

Characterized by propulsive beats and liberal use of distortion, Container’s sonic meld has been equally welcomed at club nights, basement shows, electronic festivals, and rock gigs alike, landing him opening slots for a diverse range of acts from Daughters to Danny Brown and Zola Jesus to Ryley Walker. His 5 full lengths and 4 EP’s (for labels like Editions Mego offshoot Spectrum Spools, Alter, Morphine, and now Drone) have all boggled brains in every hemisphere and received highly favorable reviews in the process, cementing Container as a distinctive and disorderly force in modern electronic music.

WSR live

Composer and acoustic engineer. His solo project WSR was first released on Contort Records and showcased on the main stage at the 2015 edition of Berlin Atonal festival.

He is part of the duo Aperture with his sister Elisabetta Porcinai, and co-founder and part of the project/label UNKNOT together with producer and dj Sciahri. His research and exper­i­men­ta­tion focuses on sonic phys­i­cal­ity and exploring diegetic forms of electronic and electroacoustic music.