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Spark for Kharkiv: DJ Sacred, Chief Roccka, Xepaces, Dacid Go8lin (Struma+Iodine x Urban Lurk)

This is a Ukraine solidarity-event. There will be a talk before the concerts, starting at 18:00.


DJ Sacred is talking about his experiences as a volunteer at the beginning of the full scale invasion, about difficulties and problems of civilians on de-occupied territories. Further he will talk about the current state of affairs in the cultural sphere of Kharkiv, such as venues, parties, labels and how they work together under the constant shelling from Russian forces. DJ Sacred will answer questions from the audience, together with Xepaces who can talk about Kharkiv media. There is a Ukrainian – English translator present, if needed. Also there will be merch that the artists have gathered from different Kharkiv artists to sell as on auction.


DJ Sacred (Alex Yatsun) is a music producer and DJ with almost 10 years of experience. Yatsun usually works with hip-hop music especially Memphis rap, combining different genres like dungeon synth, ambient and electro. He’s regarded by media as a sole creator of sub-genre called Dungeon Rap which combines Memphis rap and Dungeon synth. He also participates in volunteering activities for Kharkiv’s child medical center “Your Baby” and others. DJ Sacred worked with different musicians across the globe and has stable audience in Europe, having more than 1 million streams on Spotify in the last year alone.



Dafina Sylejmani aka Dacid Go8lin aka Duff Daddy is the rapper, producer, DJ, artist and founder of Femme DMC, a purely feminine collective and event dedicated to Hip Hop in all its facettes. Originally from Kosovo, she moved to Austria in 2003, taking her first steps in the local rapscene. Since 2017 Dafinan is focussing on music production. Her releases are often concerned with topics as migration and society. 



Chieff Roccka is a producer and DJ from Kharkiv, a representative of his cloudy street sound. He’s one of the creators of the label and party series called Darkness Theory. He’s a well established artist who played at such events like Kyiv’s music festival “Brudnuy Pes” and Kharkiv’s “Torba”. Chief Rock sets to represent club music from Detroit. Each performance is filled with high-speed electro selections and selective bass selections. A true fan of traditions and original style.


XEPACES dj-set

Xepaces (Alex Naidenko) is a DJ, creative director and independent journalist who primarily works with ambient/experimental genres and writes primarily about culture, society and music. He wrote for a bunch of well-respected media like Lyuk media (Kharkiv independent media), i-D (British, Japan, Italian department), MixMag (Ukrainian department), etc. He promotes theatre and club culture in Kharkiv. Art director of the Kharkiv underground bar “Torba”.