WE ARE WRAPPING UP 2022 FoR YoU AND HAVE ASKED LOCAL MUSICIANS AND DJS ABOUT THEIR FAVOURITE Sounds oF the year. Browse through albums, tracks and mixes and read about gigs.






Caroline Polachek – “Sunset / Welcome To My Island EP” Perpetual Novice 2022

Simply beautiful Ohrwurm Single – HEY

VTSS – “Incredibly Annoying” Ninja Tunes 2022

“I’m not sad anymore, I’m ready to be a – “

Lana Del Rabies – “Everytime / Covers I”

US Noise-Artist Lana Del Rabies released an EP of dark electronic Pop-Covers – who doesn’t love a deep heartfelt nostalgic Britney moment???

Belia Winnewisser – “SODA” Präsens Editionen 2021

The Album I probably listened to the most in 2022 has been released already in 2021 – it grew very dear to my heart and kept me blissful, untired and in warm challenge through this whole year.

clipping. – “Various Artists / REMXING 2.1 – 2.4”

Four Remix-Albums of experimental Rap-Trio clipping. that have been keeping me curious still, creative collaborative collection of most differently approaching contributors from the very underground up to more known and established, just beautiful

w/ Lauren Bousfield, Evicshen, Rrose, Slikback, ZULI, Fire-Toolz, Speaker Music / DeForrest Brown Jr., Rian Treanor, Akeyamasou, Lexagon, Ahoo Ssan, Stazma, just to name a few

  • –  clipping., Blectum from Blechdom – Attunement (Blectum from Blechdom Remix) / REMXING 2.3 / Sub Pop 2022
  • –  clipping., Evicshen – Sheba / REMXNG 2.1 / Sub Pop 2022
  • –  clipping., Fire-Toolz – Attunement (Fire-Toolz Atonement Remix) / REMXING 2.2 / Sub Pop
  • –  clipping., Lexagon – Run For Your Life (Lexagon Remix) / REMXING 2.4 / Sub Pop 2022



BLOODY KEEP – “Wampyric Countess”

Ist nicht der beste Release dieses Künstlers (die besten mmn waren „Self Titled“ und „Cup of Blood on the top of the Tower“) aber als ich das Album das erste Mal gehört hab schien grad der Vollmond und ich war draußen. Bloody Keep hat mir außerdem 2021 durch ein recht schweres Jahresende geholfen. Außerdem liebe ich die Tatsache dass genügend Black Metal Dudes die Band angeblicher Albernheit wegen hassen, obwohl der Typ klingt wie Satanic Warmaster.

BAHRATAL – “Legie Ubozaku”

Ich durfte letzten März Freunde auf Tour nach Prag begleiten, und da waren Bahratal mit dabei. Der Gesang ist live ein Wahnsinn, und sie malen sich ihr Corpsepaint mit Edding ins Gesicht. Außerdem, abgesehen der Freunde wegen denen ich überhaupt mit dort war, vermutlich die sympathischste Black Metal/Metalpunk what have you Band die mir soweit einfallen würde.


Nicht das beste aber definitiv das gestörteste Konzert des Jahres. Außerdem wsl der einzige Beitrag dieser Liste der nicht im altmodischen Sinn Metal ist sondern eher Harsh Noise bzw beides.

ISTAVA – “Dual”

Mein Persönlicher The Misanthrope-Record Release-Party-Moment, daher ein Highlight des Jahres. Das Album ist außerdem größtenteils improvisiert.

KONFESSION – “Wenn die Schatten rufen”

Das war schlicht das fetteste Konzert das ich dieses Jahr gesehen habe, und es war ihr erstes jemals überhaupt. Und es war inmitten einer Scheißzeit in der ich jeden Tag 12 Stunden schuften musste. Ich glaube wenig später bin ich auch in der Location vor Erschöpfung auf einem Sofa eingeschlafen. Aber davon habe ich während des Konzerts nichts gemerkt

DARKTHRONE – “Astral Fortress”

Weil Darkthrone die beste Band der Welt und aller Zeiten ist und ich dieses Jahr größtenteils ohnehin nichts außer Darkthrone gehört habe und Darkthrone aber eben zufällig auch noch dieses Jahr ein neues Album herausgebracht hat. Darkthrone geht immer und für alles. Es hilft trotz aller Widrigkeiten zu wissen dass ich früh genug geboren wurde um noch in der gleichen Timeline wie Darkthrone zu existieren.

“Neue” Releases die nicht aus diesem Jahr und kein Metal sind und die ich trotzdem empehlen würde wären außerdem:

DJ King Fu – “Drunken Stylez Mixtape” (2021)

Nuovo Testamento- New Earth (2021)

Burnout Ostwest – “Früher war mehr Geld” (2020)

Gewalt – “Paradies LP” (2021)

Bath Consolidated – “Milieu” (2019)

Toad Blood – “Toad Blood” (2021)


Special Thanks an Morast und Wampula.



Dear friends, it’s me your DJ GUSCH. In my Best Of 2022 I refer to my highlights, concerts, events, albums, songs, DJ sets and musicians that got me through this year (not necessarily everything from 2022). Happy Birthday Jesus and a good slide into the next year. Such rocks life.

Osees Concert @Festsaal Kreuzberg Berlin 

This Concert was absolute Madness. The evening opend with Performances by the chaotic Egg Idiot then followed by the legendary King Khan and his Shrines. The main event was Osees, the L.A. Based  Psych Punk Quintet led by the prolific John Dwyer on Guitar, Vocals and occasional Synth improvisation, the rock solid Tim Hellman on Bass, the virtuous Tom Dollas on Synths and the scariest and sweatiest double drum set lineup, we lovingly called them the octopus, consisting of Paul Quattrone and Dan Rincon. Their two hour set was my most mind bending concert experience to this day. 

Go check them out their the best band in the world:

(Photo credit: Titouan Masse)

Disorder Fast + Nice @ Club Exil

By now it is widly known that Disorders Events are in fact Fast and Nice, but with this one they have surpassed themselfs. With DJ Sets by D.Dan, DJ Mell G, Cyan85 and many more it was bound to be hot. My personal favourites that evening were Disorders own Zero b2b Ric49. In the picture you can see my legs which are atteched to my tired ass whilst we were enjoying some after party DJing played over the monstrous soundsystem at Club Exil.

(Photo Credit: Kevin Namiotko)

Blechsonne Takeshis Cashew Konzert

Funny enough the Blechsonne Festival was also organized by Disorder and some members of Takeshis Cashew I think, sorry if I got it wrong. The 4 day Festival spanned a huge Line Up of great diversity at a really memorable location in the vicinity of Halle (Salle). We took a painfull 9 hour Flixbus ride up there, with our music equipment since my partner in crime Voocoo and I were also playing the festival as the group Hitpeople. Once we arrived at the festival grounds we’ve got some time to kill so we checked out some acts like Szene Putzn and the wild man Salo, got some food and explored the trippy decorations all over the Festival site. It was the first time that they organized this and it turned out to be a proper festival. My favourite performance was by Takeshis Cashew, great musicality and only good vibes!!

(Photo Credit Kevin Namiotko)

The Telebrains Halloween @Venster 99

Now it’s time to pat our own shoulders since this highlight of 22 was a Halloween party organized by us The Telebrains (Xavi Sosa, Felix Schnabl, Kevin Namiotko). We are a Garage Band that formed this year but it feels like we’ve probably played together befor in another life. Maybe as a classical trio during Renaissance times or something. After what I now call the most frustrating soundcheck of my life, and I think I speak for my band colleagues as well, we had an amazing halloween night. The energy during all the performances was great and thanks to the great turnout we were able to pay all the performers equally.

(Photo Credit: Kevin Namiotko)

Geist in Bewegung – Visvarana Das Allgemeinsame

Next Up is the Second Tape Release by my good friend Hackbeil Krüger aka Geist in Bewegung. The creativity and original compositions of this musician always amaze my ears. The Album incredible Artwork is also printed by the Geist itself. Listening to it you can’t help but to get sucked in to the Sirius Wobble.

Go check it out:

Dertinoises – “try so hard” EP

This four track EP is rich with chopped breakbeats, sick vocal lines and the trademark feelgood vibe  created through rhodes pianos, souly samples and lush synths. I always wanted to write a music Best Off so i could use the term lush synths, so thanks Dertinoises for this. Love you brother congrats on try so hard. Favourite Tune for sure Dort von den Bergen.

Go listen:

(Photo Credit Tino Frank)

Aziz Light Morbit Exile Radioshow #13

My dearest freind Aziz Light took us a sonic journey this year with many sci-fi ambient, trance, gabber sets via the Morbit Exile Radio Show airing on Re.Radio. It is Radioshow number 13 that had the biggest emotional impact on me, my speakers were glued to my ears. It’s a story well told, exclusively through sound. Thank you for that Azizler, Luv Gusch.

Go Listen:

(Photo Credit Kevin Namiotko)

Atom Womb – “Visions” Album

Atom Womb melted my face off at this years Dragged Into Bliss Festival hosted by Dazed and Confused. But it’s their first full length album that amazed me the most. The nine track rollercoster that is Visons picked me up, threw me violently in the air, dropped me on the floor, picked me back up and hugged me. My favourite track lullaby for a lost soul is accompanied by a stunning music video made by Julia Stakhorska. Great Album.

Go check it Out:

(Photo Credit Kevin Namiotko)

Ty Seagal – Body Behavior – “Joy” LP

Joy is the Album that i have listened about a 100 times this year, because it’s a masterpiece. It’s so original and inspring and gave me a lot ”Joy”, pun definitly intended, this year. Body Behavior my favorite.

This is it:

Woody Herman – “Pontieo”

And lastly is just an amazing oldie, las vegas, big band jazz composition by Woody Herman and his thundering Herd. Oh it’s thundering alright. I love this piece of music. It’s the loudest sounding track that I have ever heard. This one was shown to me on a chill evening hanging with my friend Jeanne ( He just said listen to this, we did, we both banged our heads to it like it was Metallica or something and now it’s with me for ever.

Listen to Woody Herman – Pontieo: