“summer of 2022, a summer of trance, i was in awe of the waves. i rode with them, got lost in the crevaces of soundcloud niche labels, cassette releases that rave babies like me could only ever dream of finding on some sketchy self-designed website. it all sounds like it was synthezised with an unhealthy obsession. each second you listen to has been created by the most incredible producers that are out there, with some from people that i got the pleasure of meeting during that time. the biggest respect goes out to them.
also added one track that has been looped in my bedroom for probably three weeks straight, from my dear friends at Yakamoz. they introduced me to rave culture and i could never thank them enough for opening their arms to me <3

and another thank you: for listening, to all my little obsessions >::)”

Fibra Vrgov – SVYR
Oat M – Ram Bokk [YAKAMOZ]
Agustin G – Biohack
Marilao & Omniself – City Psy [Kengu]
Vinski – Strafing Run [Low Income $quad]
dj aleph – motion sickness
DJ Big Guns – Goth Gaze [Magdalena’s Apathy]
Pure Distance – Surface to Air (August Tange Remix) [Groove Estate Records]
Tweaker-229 – PLAGUE (CLUB MIX) [Pain Records Hardcore]
whiteshadowhurts – Equivalent
dj break da law – Snow in April [Harmless Records]
DJ Angst – ILY Potsdam Menschen [Extra Energy]
Transki – Arcana (Oat Ms 6 AM Mix) [Scum]
Claire’s Accessories – Gratification in Compliance [Harmless Records]
Matriark & DJ G2G – 1exRiddle [Morph]
Terrorrythmus – Psy Drop [Kashev Tapes]