SONIC AGENCY – ATHEER SOOT – “Cluster Ornaments”

Atheer Soot (أثير صوت) is a Helsinki-based visual artist and theatre-maker. Moe Mustafa was born in Kuwait to Palestinian parents, moved to Amman-Jordan after the Gulf War. Alongside art and theatre, he has been honing his skills in sound design and composing for the past several years. Atheer Soot, an Arabic phrase, means a sound that resonates in the void. The project focuses on creating an interconnection between memories and sound, where Moe goes back in time to explore the past, his childhood. And translate these memories into an atmospheric and drone sound. Moe sees the process of sculpting the sound as a therapy, where you open up to your devices and instruments and dive deep into the subconscious and let the mind and intuition wander around.