SI091 – RIC49

Get ready for some electrifying techno and breakbeat sets that will leave you begging for more! RIC49, Vienna’s finest, has been tearing up dance floors since 2016 as a core member of the “Fast + Nice” crew. With a passion for pop culture and a love for high-energy beats, RIC49 knows how to bring the heat and interact with the crowd like no other. From bold and daring choices to vibrant mixes that’ll get your heart pumping, this DJ is sure to give you exactly what you long for!

Airod & pavel k. Novalis – Jugal bone
Dica, void builder, wast – smash the system
Partiboi69 – get blown
RIC49 – lämp
DRVSH – the freedom theory
Dica, void builder, wast – cyber state
Riot code – sword & art
DJ Gusch – torn to pieces
zpectrum – rollin‘
Pavel k. Novalis – copper gum
Versus – hardcore (bours? Remix)
SHFTR – cruisin
DJ Gusch – The hate had started
DJ Ali, Clair – cocktail
Jamie McLellan – you can do what you like
JEANNE – The Devil is not as black as he is painted
Venskapsföreningen – like it like that
Tom place – rouge nation (souci remix)
Transki – Juicy peach
SSKKYY – Bonnie is Clyde
zero – Luigi’s space adventure
San Senra – perfecta (zero‘s club dream edit)