SI011 Solaris

„I recorded the mix after a long break without thoughtful selecting, mixing and recording so I was really excited about the opportunity.
It’s a one-take reflecting on my current mood in the middle of moving houses, in the middle of a pandemic and in the beginning of a long, dark winter without the regular amusements to keep us going.
While recording I felt a melancholic urge to stand in front of a crowd again, behind a booth, playing the music I love.“

Duval Timothy – TDAGB
Lil Asaf – Msll777 (prod. Khadije)
Etch x Nico Lindsay – Predator vs Prey (Toxin)
Nesso – Dataquake
BFTT – Lokt
Ciel – Trojan Horse (DJ SWISHA Remix)
DTRU – Rackz282
Metrist – Total Paper
Shygirl – FREAK (Hedchef’s Phreak’d Out Flip)
Thugwidow – Covert OP
Dold – Colliding Worlds (Marilao ‘Moon’ Mix)
Radiax – Beijing Banger (Was A Be remix)
Forest Drive West – Void Control
The Untouchables – Stance
Monolake – Forc160q
Wordcolour – Breathless
Joy O x Boddika – Mercy VIP (Slick Shoota VIP)
Addison Groove – Nikki Nair Remix
Subp Yao – Backwitda (Yoofee Remix)
Deft – KOOVER IN ’92
Désiré – Trêve