Grand River, Gajek, Akrüül, Sucre Sucre


Aimée Portioli is a Berlin-based Dutch-Italian composer and sound designer who records and performs as Grand River.

Portioli makes experimental electronic music with rich emotional colours. Her work, influenced by minimalism and ambient music, is atmospheric yet rhythmically complex, incorporating a wide range of contemporary compositional and production techniques.

The name Grand River evokes nature, scale, and movement, all key forces in Portioli’s work. Her first release as Grand River was 2017’s Crescente EP, which was named by XLR8R as one of the best releases of the year. She followed this with her debut album Pineapple (Spazio Disponibile, 2018), which garnered praise from The Quietus among others, while its follow-up Blink A Few Times To Clear Your Eyes (Editions Mego, 2020) was positively received by Resident Advisor and The Verge, and was elected among best albums of 2020 by Inverted Audio. Her work has separately appeared on compilations by Ghostly International, Tresor, and Longform Editions. Her third album All Above will be released in 2023 once again on Editions Mego.



Matti Gajek produces and performs electronic music under the stage name Gajek. From an East German perspective Gajek inscribes himself into the progressive myth of Krautrock by shifting the focus to a different side of German history marked by the material traces of the Cold War. In his music Gajek explores evolving textures of high-energy digital production, vibrant rhythms, strings and synths through endless effect-chains of pitch-shifters and ring-modulators drawing on East German avantgarde music as well as the electronic music of West Germany, post internet genre bending, improvisation and noise. In his live performance Gajek uses a Casio MIDI guitar to control digital sound generation implemented by Reaktor and Max/MSP.



Akrüül is a project by artist and musician Julian Klien, an artist from Vorarlberg who is based in Vienna.  The productions of Akrüül move between dub, tribal and ambient and are shaped by influences from the German Krautrock era, among others. In 2017, he founded Goldgelb Records, a platform for artists from the electronic experimental scene.



sucre sucre’s DJ sets are widely unpredictable: attracted by the smooth & easy-going as much as the weird & obscure, the hodgepodge that is her music collection is manifold. Expect everything and nothing, but always to feel all the feels.