Rashad Becker, Iron Sight, Superskin, i-h


Rashad Becker published his debut album »Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. I« on PAN, in 2013. He describes the LP as the anthropology of a fictive population influenced by numerous sources and sounds free from one predominant aesthetic idea. After emigrating from Syria to Europe in his youth, in Berlin Becker began experimenting with sounds in empty buildings and their spatialization. He presented his ideas, among other things, in the form of sound installations. As sound engineer, he also participated in several theater productions. Furthermore, Rashad Becker runs the mastering studio Clunk, where he has mastered a great many PAN LPs. He describes the sounds in his live performances as »entities«, as narratives describing states of affairs. The sources of the sounds he produces are difficult to identify since, although Rashad Becker works exclusively with synthetic sound generation, the result often has an organic appearance. For him, his live sets represent an attempt to break through conventional forms of reception by rendering them more abstract.


Born and raised in Denmark, Isak Hansen performs as Iron Sight – his solo project with which he has released material on labels such as Total Black, Moral Defeat, Rengaine and Instruments Of Discipline. His latest album ‘Chapter One, Decade’ was released on Strange Therapy in the beginning of 2019.

Iron Sight’s music crosses territory between dystopian sci-fi futurism and biblical eschatology – the end of the Uroburos’ tail. With mechanical percussions, bristling synths resembling locust drones descending upon rotting fields, a voice made from barbed wire emerging from a storm of reverb gives to his music an incredible power.

Isak’s other known project is The Empire Line, a trio comprised together with Posh Isolation’s Christian Stadsgaard (Damien Dubrovnik, Vanity Productions) and Jonas Rönnberg (Varg).


Giving the adjective “hypnotising” a run for its money, Superskin’s airy, lofi encrusted compositions revel in an opium haze. Following a dub-inflected sequence of rhythmic structures, slabs of luscious melody seduce only to roll back and re-appear to lull the listener into a state of zen-like trance. Superskin is the moniker of Austrian artist and musician Andreas Klotz.


I-H is the moniker of Danish artist and musician Christian Ingemann.