Insides: Pure

Due to Covid-19 we are in lockdown, with clubs being closed. As we still want to keep up with musicians and DJs around, and feel that digital streams are irretrievably lacking the social energy of live music events and are not able to compensate for it, we are looking for consolation in words. In the end music is a social practice. Insides features voices from Vienna’s electronic music scene, looking to exchange ideas, find mutual inspiration and exit strategies, entering personal realms.

Hello, how are you?

Excellent, thank you

Where are you right now?

At home in Berlin

Which sounds surround you?

Mostly silence because my flat is very silent. Some birds. Some distant traffic noises. Now (mid June) life is coming back and I can again hear the kids from the kindergarten on the next premise and the sounds of people playing basketball beside my house.

Have you been productive so far? What are you working on?

Very. I am always working on many tracks simultaneously slowly pushing them towards being complete.

What inspires you right now?

I don’t really need inspiration to make music. or maybe I just don’t realize it?

Reading material you can recommend?

Not really

To listen?

To watch?

If you are as much into mathematics as me you should watch all 2038 videos by Prof. Dr. Edmund Weitz:
And everything on for the other side of the brain.

“When have live-streams ever be considered fun?”

What’s your opinion on live-streams?

When have live-streams ever be considered fun? They were always just another promo tool until mid March 2020. During the lock-down it was the least bad way to perform but least bad doesn’t become good, even now.

You see any alternative ways to support the music community?

These pandemic-caused economic problems can only be fixed politically or they won’t. All these calls for “buy releases/bandcamp/merch and donate for streams” etc are nice as a gesture to artists and highly appreciated but I don’ think that the economic effect is even worth mentioning.

What are you missing most? What are you afraid of?

I was really missing the daily espressos I couldn’t have at my Italian cafe that was closed for about two weeks. I consider thinking about possible dangers or threats in advance a waste of energy and hardly do that. Not feeling specially threatened by anything specific right now.

What will change you think?

Digitalization of every day life and work routines will grow – for the better and worse. Normality will be fragile until there is a vaccine. Mankind will learn a bit from it but not too much. Culture will come back.

What is the gig or occasion you were most looking for, that was cancelled in this period?

None in particular.

Are you still able to pay your rent?

I started my first permanent job in May so I have never been so able to pay my rent. I survived the time in-between thanks to generous support from the SKE and less generous from the government.