S+I PREMIERE: SSOLVE – “Rytm F” (2024)

Struma+Iodine is proud to premiere the first track of ssolve's debut release "Mixtape_01". Listen!


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Title: Mixtape_01
Year: 2024
Artist: ssolve
Label: self-released
Release: online only
Mixtape drop: 09.02.2024
Cover: Ernst Lima

Written, recorded, mixed & mastered by ssolve

‘Mixtape_01’ is the debut drop from Vienna-based ssolve, and a low key hit of the reset button on a range of electronic musics. Reconstituting strewn sounds from club nights and noise gigs, ssolve’s fresh sound takes in liberated dark beats from gqom, kaleidoscopic neoperro, along with guttural industrial throbs (and screams). ssolve moulds these pieces into a fresh little world of heady glocalised bass, beats, and bombast. Behind the mixtape’s sounds lie years of experience ghost-writing, producing, and sound-designing for a range of projects.

Finally let loose, unconstrained, ssolve’s tentacles blossom across cinematic granules of thudding light on ‘Ultra Forever’, sculpt an intimate ambient prayer on ‘Waves’, or slice samples into visceral dancefloor-ready riddims on ‘RYTM F’, ‘RYTM C’, and ‘RYTM D’.

Born in Germany, ‘89 to a Namibian/German Household, ssolve has lived in Vienna for over a decade. ‘Mixtape_01’ was co-created with Enesi M., Ragnheiður Erla Björnsdóttir, and Ernst Lima.

(c) Anna Breit
(c) Anna Breit
(c) Anna Breit