Das Werk

Somniac One, Kilbourne, Flower Crime, Schirin, Nachtbote, DJ Warzone, DJ Ebhardy, Antonia XM

Doors: 22:00
Tickets can be bought at the entry, no pre-sale
2G rules apply – you’re allowed to enter if you’re fully vaxxed or recovered – but to protect everyone, we encourage you to test yourselves before entering.


Somniac One is a Lithuanian DJ and producer whose powerful sound and aesthetics have made her one of industrial and underground electronic music’s most sought after names. Her sound is intense, atmosphere-driven and technically precise. Her fierce kicks, combined with distinct and innovative sound design have made her one of the most respected artists from hardcore’s new wave of producers. Her out of the box approach to hardcore and techno made her an ideal match for trend-setting and leading events like the Astropolis Festival, Defqon.1, Bang Face, Unpolished, or Masters of Hardcore. She signed to PRSPCT Recordings for a series of breakout EPs, and continually works to expand her stylistic range and territory which resulted in recent releases on DSNT, RAW and Ghostly International.


Destined to devastate, Kilbourne’s singular interpretation of hardcore draws from her background in industrial and club music. Her DJ sets showcase an unrelenting drive and spontaneous selection, and she has toured widely across North America and Europe at venues such as Berghain, Boiler Room, and Tresor. After critically acclaimed releases on Industrial Strength Records and Ophidian’s Meta4 Recordings, 2021 sees her joining the  PRSPCT agency and label with a rattling statement of contemporary hardcore techno and terror.


Artist, musician and DJ.

Reduced mezmerizing techno / “European Ghetto House” minimalism


High energy fractal arabesques and endless light-headed dervishes from this Viennese constructivist & knife stabber Hanno Schnegg – expect flesh piercing sawtooths, swamp wobbling sines & outer planetary triangle jewels melting down your subconsciousness into little hypercubes only to let it remodel again into one giant, heavy, white egg.


Hardcore-Queen throwing hardstyle, trance, gabber in the mix. Nasty & juicy bangers.


Antonia XM is a DJ, producer, vocalist and label curator based in Vienna, Austria. In 2016 Antonia co-founded the label Ashida Park aiming to build an accessible platform for new and unconventional forms of club- and experimental music, visual art and digital dialog. Antonia’s productions and DJ sets range from harsh gabber, techno or trance to nostalgic ambient or noise, all the way to dreamy pop compositions, always building on heavy emotions somewhere in between intimacy and excess. Antonia has released singles on various labels such as Hard Trade (Berlin), Paynomindtous (Turin), Cime (Leipzig) and Ashida Park. At present, she is studying electroacoustic and experimental music at the University for music and performing arts in Vienna.


The sound for post-apocalyptic wastelands of hulking war machines and shattered Dreadnaughts. DJ Warzone is a Vienna based dj and musician, and host of Horsepower.


Djing since his teenage years Paul Ebhart is a fanatic music collector, whos interested in all kinds of music. The golden thread of selection occurs on a subtle level. Not defined by genre boundaries but much more by an invisible veil of attitude and revolt with love for the weirdness and madness. Ebhart collects music on a wide variety of media.