Rắn Cạp Đuôi, Florence Sinclair, S280F, Rent (Struma+Iodine x Augend&Addend)


Rắn Cạp Đuôi has been at the forefront of sound art and experimental music in Saigon, Vietnam, since their formation in 2015. Their anachronistic musical approach is evident in their diverse performances, ranging from a nonstop 48-hour performance in a local gallery to a three-drum improvisation at Nhạc Gãy’s Boiler Room. Rắn Cạp Đuôi is in a constant state of flux, deconstruction and rebirth, resulting in chaotic sheets of sound and compositions which border on violence and beauty.


S280F live

Where did the bird land? Or maybe it weakened and was swallowed by the waters, no one could know. So the people waited for her return, and waited and grew tired of waiting. They forgot they had released the bird, even forgot there was a bird and a world sunken under water. They forgot where they had come from, how long they had been there, and where they were going so long ago that the animals have turned to stone.



Florence Sinclair is a black British contemporary producer and singer-songwriter. At the age of 12, they started exploring music through hip hop and grime, which still informs their current practice. It’s later on they started experimenting with ambient sounds, which from there birthed the Florence Sinclair monicker. As a Black, Caribbean British musician, their work embodies their multifaceted identity by merging the intersections of existing genres, cultures, and histories; creating avant-garde compositions that challenge listeners’ expectations.


RENT live

Rent focuses on experimental, analog sounds combined with stock voices and dark, glitched ambiences. Harsh machines and digital remnants work together to create strongly processed sounds that relate to bodily experiences as well as to digital dissociations.