Doors: 21:30, Start: 22:00
Entry: €15

DÆMON live

DÆMON uses lyricism as a means to express a full spectrum of emotions, abstract ideas, and social commentary. DÆMON draws from his personal experience for inspiration in a dissociative, non-committal manner, illustrating vivid imagery through story telling and an array of literary devices.



Yantan Ministry is an experimental composer, live musician and DJ. Recognisable by their mercuriality and eclectic movements, their work permeates a keen interest in ambiguity, obfuscation and the emotional body; an ever present suggestion of their inclinations being motivated by stepping outside the frame to highlight a riddle, to create feelingly and work within mythical space.

Their debut EP, Radio Unnameable, was released in 2020 on Berlin based experimental label Yegorka, followed by Flagrant Hours in 2021 on the same, with duo Kittisol.

Meandering between club spheres, experimental production, and a penchant for toying with song, audio processing and traditional instrumentation, they have broadcast their diverse affinities in meticulous mixes on a number of radio shows and platforms. Notable mentions are Endgame’s NTS Precious Metals show, Kelman Duran’s Edits mix series on NTS, and most recently their Tail On mix for AQNB and Motley Curio mix for YEAR0001’s SOUNDS mix series.


EUROPA dj-set

Europa is a moniker of a German-born but World-souled artist and musician Moritz Haas who is melting tender melodies with angry beats and diverse cultural and linguistic references, transporting the listener to surprisingly vivid musical and political landscapes. Echoing our broken cultures torn into sharp yet fragile pieces, his music scatters samples across multiple layers and merges them into new constellations of united yet eclectic harmonies hitting you to the very core.


HUNT live

Hunt is a musician and sound designer based in Vienna. He founded Amen Records in 2016, a label that is exploring the boundaries of electronic music genres, at which he kicked off his own musical career with his debut EP ‘Inalienable Lights of White Tomorrows’. While his first records reflect an experimentation with the energy of heavier percussion and distored guitars, his debut album ‘We Meet In Reverie’, released at Unseelie, is an emotional deep dive through a sea of ethereal synth pads.



Gretchen Bazooka is an Austrian Hard Dance DJ and producer who moved to Berlin in 2018 and has been active in the local club scene ever since. She has played gigs at Mensch Meier, Rote Flora, M-BIA, Void, Meeresrausch and Fusion Festival, just to name a few. In her sets, she likes to mix intense genres like Frenchcore, UK Hardcore and Acid Tekno.

Following her vision to introduce harder and faster music to the Berlin rave scene, she founded Dynamic Events Berlin in 2019. This multi-genre, queer-feminist event series regularly features experienced DJs as well as newcomers playing Techno, Hardcore and more.



Electric Indigo, DJ, composer, musician, has performed in 45 countries across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. She represents an intelligent and distinguished interpretation of techno and electronic music. Her DJ-sets are characterized by a wide variety with a clarity of vision and a depth that comes from a deep understanding of the music and the art of DJing. In 1998 she founded the transnational female:pressure network for which she received an Honorary Mention at Prix Ars Electronic in 2009. The Republic of Austria awarded her with the Kunstpreis Musik in 2020. Electric Indigo premiered her compositions at festivals like Wien Modern, Musikprotokoll, CTM or Heroines of Sound and composed for Klangforum Wien. Her debut album “5 1 1 5 9 3” came out on Imbalance Computer Music, followed by “Ferrum” on Editions Mego in 2020. “Brittle” was released on Ventil Records in 2022.


KATANA dj-set

KATANA is a DJ and producer based in Vienna, who will capture your imagination with stimulating soundlandscapes, rhythm and distortion. Playing hardcore and hardtrance.



DJ Hauswein is Zahra Khan, an Irish/Pakistani artist and DJ based in Vienna. She’s the promoter of the Common Contact events in Vienna and NYC, Vice-Chairwoman and co-curator at Echo Correspondence in Vienna and founding member of the I’ve Got My Period collective. Musically, her roots are in hip hop culture, but she has become a frontrunner for discovering and supporting current and emerging club genres as the years have gone by. Hauswein avidly follows the evolution of and movements within these forms on virtual platforms as well as at performance locations where the true action happens. When she steps up you can expect chaos – boundary-pushing, hip-thrusting, smut-spitting sounds to no end and plenty of surprises.


GGGAUNA dj-set

A frenzy of subjective impulses for ecstatic means.,.,.,;;.,.:,,,,.. rumbles, distortions, and rhythms created and played out of dark spaces which others would describe as underground,;;,,,,,;;;;;,;#+,,.,.,&;.,.., an appreciation for that which is shunned by many, its expression which can be policed by none and is made for everybody.

Gauna. Halunke. Fiesling. Ganove. Whatever you wanna call them, it’s always gonna be filthy, hard, dark, at times you’re even gonna ask yourself: how can a DJ be so condescending? but be warned: instead of looking down on you, they creep in the underground, rising from below when they get called for action with heavy punches right in the soft spot of your nasty sweaty raver crotch