“Ask me what the season is, I couldn’t tell you. Today it’s warm, tomorrow a pickaxe just to make small talk. Yes there is a before, yes there is an after, but what hurts is all the white noise between points null and void, this warbling tangent. More smudge of chalk than gash of blood. A pinprick of dust between cornea & sclera. I’d rather a katana like the Space Needle, a massive ugly knife. Picture a quorum of fruit flies gagging the oblongata of the world’s oldest basement shower drain in Köln, Deutschland & you’ll get the picture, of which this mix is reflective: A glove torn asunder from its diploid, mitosis in the gamer bar between fatalities, blunted eyelashes; IMVU raves; tsunami of calories, bones, alarm bells bleating 4/4 forever for no reason squashed like Kraft singles between the goosedown pillows of our discontent. You can’t make a silk purse of a sow’s ear. Was auch immer. And also this night I thought I’d kiss your cheek just to spite bare life, this future eye barreling toward me like a robot horse making glucose of the black, black horizon. I am a cactus stuffed like a prize cougar with cotton candy: parched yes, embarrassed vor allem.”

Ib OST – Dining Room
Autechre – Metaz form 8
Oneohtrix Point Never – Shifting
Quit Life – Awake
Sakuraburst – The Giant’s Shroud
Hypoxic – You Are Not Alone
False Noise – Kek
Nevrotek vs Kosten – Smack My Beat Up
Samplifire – Hold Up (Sasio Remix)
Vandal & Neika – Summer Gal (Drop It)
Keiska- Ovet Ja Ovet
Indian Summer – Angry Son
Burial – Come Down To Us
Anne Sexton – The Truth the Dead Know
Orca Nece – King Size
DieMantle – Be Right There
CEMENT TEA – Akari The Time Traveler (96-glass remix)
poozy – 10000 yards of barbed wire
t+pazolite – Boogie Splatter Show (DJ Myosuke Remix)
F000L – Happy Little Clouds
DJ Ketaflush – Lost My K
Swan Meat – SUCKLING GROWN (AROS remix)
Swan Meat – Too Late
Witness – DF
Dead Can Dance – The Writing On My Father’s Hand
Tim Hecker – Sketch 4
American McGee’s Alice OST – Flying on the Wings…
Fatal Frame 4 OST – The Tsukumori Song
Tim Buckley – Song to the Siren
Burial – Come Down To Us (reprise)