Specimens is the London based ambient/drone producer Alex Ives. With influences ranging from Lawrence English, William Basinski, Leyland Kirby, Grouper & Norman Westberg his live show incorporates delicately arranged cassette loops, synth layers and swelling, wall-of-sound guitar. He has a run of cassette releases under his belt featuring on labels such as Amsterdam’s Shimmering Moods Records and Leeds based A Giant Fern as well as his debut full length LP coming out in 2017. Ives also runs the London based independent label First Terrace Records (K. Leimer / Machinefabriek / Peter Broderick (Beacon Sound Choir) / Holland Andrews etc) and has a monthly experimental show on London’s Radar Radio.

WAELDER Release-Show »Non Places«

Founded 2013 in Vienna by Moritz Nahold and Jan Preißler, Wælder are moving between ambient, industrial and pop. Their rhythms and soundscapes of voices, obscure samples and distorted field-recordings build spaces of barren material and soft ground, which teem and crawl – strange and harmonious. To present their music live, Wælder are mixing analogue and digital e ects with guitar, synthesizers, vocals and loops. Rhythms and atmospheres blur, dissolve and re-assemble. Non Places was recorded and produced in di erent locations at di erent times in Vienna and Berlin. What happens and sounds is an experiment of space, body, form and purpose.