As 2023 has come to an end, locals and friends of Struma+Iodine share the music that accompanied them through the year. w/ Andrea Ida, Alexander Hengl, Chra, Dino Spillutini, GNEVER, Idklang, Jakob Schauer, Katana, Kobermann, Zosia Hołubowska, Maraws, Menal Batti, Samo Zeichen, Sandro Nicolussi, Solo Isa, sucre sucre, Toupaz, Transki, Vich Mind & Welia
Editor: Samuel Obernosterer



JAKOB BATTICK – Slow Motion Summer

FESSUS – pilgrims of morbidity
Die wichtigste Wiener Band dieses Jahres !

SORGE – die to be together, as one

Absolute Key &Brand- Advance Split Tape (nicht online)

MARTHE – further in evil



Und weil ein Release vom 30.12.22 eigentlich ein Release von 2023 ist:
KRINGA – All stillborn fires, lick my heart

Auch nicht 23, sondern 21, aber dieses Jahr zufällig live gesehen und vorher noch nie von ihnen gehört: Fridgebitch and the drain society

Weitere Erscheinung aus dem Jahr 23, aber keine Musik sondern ein Buch: Greta Lauer – Gedeih und Verderb


“we have to invent new stories …”

LEVIT Mendelssohn – Lieder ohne Worte

feat: Wadada Leo Smith, Fennesz, N. Wooley, D. Gress, K. Wollesen

Alberto Burri created the Grande Cretto in the old Gibellina (destroyed by the 1968 earthquake), one of the largest works of land art in the world.
the stunning open air museum in the new town of Gibellina
Gibellina – Il Terremotto – movie by Joerg Burger, sixpackfilm

Beatriz Ferreyras impressive set <3
meeting w lots of colleagues and making friends <3

Tatia Skhirtladze, Anna Khazaradze
“…. to describe the real role the four female chess players had in the history of chess…” TS Interview: City of Women 2021/22




Rain World: Downpour
By Videocult, et al

Scavengers Reign
By Joseph Bennett, Charles Huettner, titmouse, et al

The Human Surge 3
by Eduardo Williams, et al

Awakening OD: Don’t Be Corn
By Jessa Reed

The Creative Act
By Rick Rubin

Playlist of what i listened to


goat (JP) – Joy In Fear (NAKID)

Bear Bones, Lay Low – Ideas Flotantes (KRAAK)

C.P.I. – Ambient Blackout (Ediciones Capablanca)

Gidia – Struga (L.I.E.S.)

Svitlana Nianio – Transilvania Smile, 1994 (Shukai)

Martyna Basta – Slowly Forgetting, Barely Remembering (Warm Winters Ltd.)

pmxper – pmxper (Smalltown Supersound)

Jonnine – Maritz (Idle Press)

Holy Tongue – Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare (Amidah Records)

Personal concert highlights:
Maquis Son Sistèm live at „Made Up Realities“
Karo Preuschl and Conny Frischauf at several performative moments
Valentina Magaletti’s drumming
All the concerts, events, releases that I’ve experienced throughout the year and the involved people who constantly try to create these moments and to bring people together through music. A special moment was certainly the collective effort at „Made Up Realities“ with the many involved helpers, artists and friends. Thank you all for being out there. After all. Peace.


2023 was not only an expensive hell of a year, but also filled with lots of encounters making this whole affair worthwhile. Between making first experiences in composing music for theater and being on tour with Morast, tons of great pieces met my ears. Too many for me to break them down in any sensible list. If you seek out (local) release lists during the year, you probably should – for example – subscribe to Grundrauschen newsletter by Christoph Benkeser – a lot of interesting stuff is featured there every month. Anyways, here’s some things in and around music and culture that are, strictly speaking, not music but stuck with me this past year – at least in the exact moment of reminiscing about it:

Most Active Pre-Release: kin dread – »fuck it up (in a minute)«

In the middle of August a new local supergroup called kin dread (Farce, Anthea, Sakura) posted a riddle to their Instagram story (can’t recall it, but “X” was the solution). Once solved, one could decide for another riddle or to go explore. Choosing the latter you were equipped with coordinates. After embarking on a bike ride to Lainzer Tiergarten on a moist mid-summer day, you were welcomed by Mosquitos. Then there was a stone you had to take a photo of to get the link to the pre-release of their single »fuck it up (in a minute)« to reward the painful bites. To be honest, the song was not quite my cup of tea, but still this was a better trip than the Swans one a few paragraphs down from here.

Most valuable book: Elena Biserna (Editor) – »Going Out: Walking, Listening, Soundmaking« [umland editions]

Since I took in a dog in summer, the act of walking had a bigger part in my life this year. This extensive 600 pages book intersected this with listening and soundmaking. The historical and contemporary contributions in the form of documentation, essays, manifestos, scores, interviews and many more is a huge source of knowledge and inspiration. And because of its size I’ll most probably lay it away not earlier than 2026. By the way, technically it came out in 2022 and the 2023 version is just a reprint, but what are you gonna do, call the cops?

Most impactful happening: #ClubMeToo / #TechnoMeToo

Well, it wasn’t all that revolutionary (yet) as it was claimed to be, but Vienna was damn ready for some proper callouts – and as always the struggle just starts now. Even if it’s possible to disagree with strategies and all that, the momentum of #TechnoMeToo brought some discourse back into night culture. Mad respect to the people taking their faces and names into the public debate, mad respect to the people carrying this fight further even with it being way less prestigious than keep on doing business.

Most Powerful Local Club Sound Systems: Hands down, Stadtwerkstatt Linz and p.m.k. Innsbruck.

Most disappointing live show: Swans @ Heart of Noise Festival, Innsbruck

One cannot enjoy a show if stuck with the thought that the singer of that band you have to see live looks kinda like Hannibal Lecter. It’s a myth that loud bands get louder over time because the members suffer from major hearing loss. Also, your reputation precedes you.

Most enjoyable community meeting: Tonbandinselfest @ Summer Station

Transformer, Vinylograph and Wilhelm show me the major label joined forces for their collection of 45 years of summed up existence in July. Dozens of artists, labels and publishers brought their spools and prints and releases and books and zines and flyers to Donauinsel to trade and sell and drink and dance. Was able to hunt down so many records that I was barely able to carry my backpack back home. Oh, and we struck a vinyl deal there. Coming in 2024.

Most thought-out physical release: MIZI – »Watch Paint Dry« silicone player [Abstand]
This thing is yet to arrive, but it’s still easy to claim it as one of the funkiest physical releases of the year. Do you like tapes because you can’t jump tracks there and you are forced to listen to that thing in one go. Well, here’s a player with a power and headphone jack only. Playing the full album (a system of 256 gliding sine waves) without you being able to do anything but watch paint dry.

Most relatable sound art: konkrit – WAITING_FOR_DJS_TO_ENTER_THE_VIDEO_CALL.mp3

Displaying the boring void of waiting for interview partners combined with the intimacy of unintended field recordings, this hour of liminal ASMR sound art is as stunning as it is simple (the author calls it dumb). Also holds the title for the biggest liner notes – you should read them while listening.

Most time spent listening to: Abandoned cassettes and some more of them.

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