SONIC AGENCY – XEPACES – “bare reinforced concrete”

“Thank you, my hometown, for allowing me to see you naked in the summer of 2022. It was a terrible and at the same time unforgettable time when we simultaneously died and were reborn again. It was wonderful being alone with you. What a pity that this silence and our dialogue will never happen again. I’m sorry for judging you for your shortcomings and thank you for giving me something priceless. Summer Kharkiv 2022 is forever in my heart.”

Xepaces (Alex Naidenko) is a DJ, creative director and independent journalist who primarily works with ambient/experimental genres and writes primarily about culture, society and music. He wrote for a bunch of well-respected media like Lyuk media (Kharkiv independent media), i-D (British, Japan, Italian department), MixMag (Ukrainian department), etc. He promotes theatre and club culture in Kharkiv. Art director of the Kharkiv underground bar “Torba”.