Dj Gusch

(c) Philippe Gerlach

Electronic traumatizer, dancefloor goon and knob wrecker DJ GUSCH likes to play rough. Muddy freetekk fields and punk rock’s bruised elbows are the roots of Vienna born electronic music producer Kevin Namiotko. His music morphed from straight forward hardtekk into a versatile mix of breakbeats, acid techno, jungle and overall groove-heavy dance music productions.

As one part of electronic Live-Duo Hitpeople (Voocoo & DJ Gusch), Vienna Underground Traxx Label artist and guitar/vocalist of the band Taxi, he approaches music from a wideangle perspective.

Since 2014 he has gone from organizing damp forest parties with friends to forming the event collective NODRAMA and establishing international bonds with crews like Underground Resistance (Detroit) and Bassiani (Tbilisi), while also releasing a good chunk of music on Morbit Exile, Vienna Underground Traxx, Low Income Squad and Sitdown and Dance to name a few. In recent years he has focused on playing in live settings at festival like Hyperreality and Unsafe + Sounds Festival.

Believing in dance music’s purpose of bringing people together, sharing spaces and having a good time, he sees club culture as a form of escapism as both a privilege and a beneficial necessity in today’s society.