Evren da Conceição

Evren da Conceição is a DJ, producer, sound and performance artist who works in club, public space, theater, film and gallery contexts. She is best known for her highly energetic, driving and intense DJ sets and live electronic music performances, which are influenced by a wide range of style. Such as underground techno, industrial, breakbeat, acid, electro, electro-acoustic and experimental electronic music. 

In her performances she concentrates on reaching a pure form of ecstatic energy, where time, space, sound and body transform into another level of consciousness, making her performances a unique experience.  She cites the social sculpture of a nightclub as her main source of inspiration: »I experience parties as large-scale participatory performances that provide an experimental, open and lucid platform to try out new ideas and create a deeper connection.«

As a result of her outstanding selection and unique sound, she regularly spins records and plays live-sets at the leading underground venues and clubs in Vienna, Berlin and Istanbul. As well as performing at international Festivals such as Arte Concert/ United We Stream, Hyperreality and Wiener Festwochen. Besides DJing and live performances, she records mixes for radio (FM4, Art Style Techno, Fnoo, blankTON.radio, Frission etc…), produces her own tracks and remixes. 

Her debut album ELECTRIFY was released on the 31th of March 2023 on the Vienna based label Analogique.