Oprofessionell is one of the co-founders of the Oslo-based trance collective ‘Ute’ and the record label ‘Ute.Rec’. With a wide spectrum of releases under different aliases and projects, he has become a central figure in the trance scene the last couple of years with his innovative take on the genre. A distinctive sound of neo-trance blending modern trance sounds with 90s inspirations, playing with feelings like euphoria and psychedelia. With appearances on institutions like Saule, Berghain and about:blank in Berlin, as well as a Australia tour in early 2022, he is truly stating his position in the revival of trance music. This can be heard on projects like ‘Omformer’ (together with Mikkel Rev) and ‘Kineta’ (together with Alpha Tracks), to aliases as ‘Repulsive Force’ and ‘Oprofessor’ to name a few.