(c) George Nebieridze

Menal Batti, also known as Ehrenschwesta, beckons us to delve into the dynamic and immersive sounds that reflect her roots and personal experiences. Hailing from Sweden and currently based in Vienna as a techno DJ, she is an integral part of the Wiener Gerüstbau collective, aiming to express herself through music beyond mere entertainment.

By embracing her Kurdish heritage, Ehrenschwesta enriches her rhythmic storytelling with inspiration drawn from her father’s saz, a traditional instrument. While her passion for 90s techno music ignited her journey into the music scene, she has cultivated her unique style by blending diverse elements of the genre, harmonizing her distinct sources of inspiration and ardor into a cohesive whole.

Ehrenschwesta’s remarkable professional growth has been celebrated not only within local clubs like Grelle Forelle, PRST, and Das Werk but also internationally in Germany, Spain, Croatia, Georgia, and Sweden. Following her breakthrough success at notable events such as Herrensauna, Marcel Dettmann’s Bad Manners showcase, and Unchained Blitz, Ehrenschwesta will deliver her potent and rhythmic message with speed and an atmospheric touch.