DJ Valentimes

DJ Valentimes is a producer, DJ, and label head of PUPPY and Anti State Electronics. Since 2018 he has established a firm representation in the global underground, with releases on PUPPY, Magdelena’s Apathy, Massive Gain, A.S.E, Morph, Ectopic and the short lived underground series NAUSEA [2022], his music is a soundtrack to clandestine celebration.

Based in the US, but most frequently establishing a sound for himself in Europe, he has made appearances the past 2 years at Herrensauna, Enter Oslo, Corsica Studios, Ved Siden AF, PTX, etc.

His most recent release “Heave” on PUPPY sub label PCD hones in on dark, empty, rhythmic utility nodding to the roots of the project with minimal, schranzy drum loops and long takes. His sets are a propulsive blend of delirious, unfiltered, rave tools driving hardcore roots into psychedelic acid tools, showcasing a reimagined use of the sounds of illegal raves in the 90s and 00s.