Paul Ebhart

(c) Philippe Gerlach

Paul Ebhart, lives and works in Vienna. Sporadic musical interruptions laying over perpetual ostinatos complement the sonic world of Ebhart with expertise and amateurism in a constant tension ratio. Fully dedicated to loose structures and improvisation as a core element. Likewise aiming for rhythmic repetition and synthetic sequences, supported by heavy signal processing. Ebhart is working in different musical constellations, including avant-garde music and performance project  taurus and gross module

Up to this date he is a fanatic music collector whose journey into music started with Djing in Viennas Clubs in his teenage years.
Emerging out of the experimental electronic music scene in Vienna he is playing live shows as well as DJ sets. He has been working on sound commissions for brands like Balenciaga or the artist and choreographer Willi Dorner and has released music on labels such as Osàre! Editions (Amsterdam), Westbahn (Vienna) and Sameheads (Berlin) among others.