Europa is a moniker of a German-born but World-souled artist and musician Moritz Haas. After engaging in music making for quite some time, he describes his recent work as being created lightweightly, on the go, often just with a laptop on his legs, rushing from one place to another. This unsettled rhythm of shattered landscape quickly passing by and changing into fragments of impressions and memories opens itself into a rushing tunnel of different genres, melting tender melodies with angry beats and diverse cultural and linguistic references, transporting the listener to surprisingly vivid musical and political landscapes. Echoing our broken cultures torn into sharp yet fragile pieces, his music scatters samples across multiple layers and merges them into new constellations of united yet eclectic harmonies hitting you to the very core. Evoking the now rare and fading pre-viral flashbacks of muffled sounds escaping the dance floor through chattering window glass at a foggy dawn, Europa’s music resonates with pressing melancholy that doesn’t leave us dwelling in apathy but makes our hearts beat in the frenetic urgent rhythm of possible change. The present EP seethes with this ever-transforming fiery energy, fulfilling Europa’s own words: “ I guess I’ve always been trying to hunt after that hybrid moment of blissful rave and melodrama. Maybe something I lost somewhere on the way and try to keep burning.”