Asifeh (also known as Stormtrap) is a producer/rapper based between Vienna and Ramallah. His music consists of rap vocals, sampled material, and original compositions using modern and abandoned technologies. He is co-founder of the former Ramallah Underground collective, who laid the foundations for a booming underground music scene in Palestine, active during the years 2003 – 2009.  Asifeh is 1/3 of the AIWA Collective, who organized a series of hip hop events in Berlin. He is also co-founder of the NOISE&BEATS collective, who organized experimental music events and workshops in Vienna. Asifeh has released four solo albums “Iradeh” (2012), “Datura” (2017), “Makhazen Bukra” (Well Gedacht – 2020) and “Tasalul” (Ghost Dance Tapes – 2022). In addition to those albums, Asifeh self-released two experimental synth-based projects in 2020 on his Bandcamp, “Hideout” and “2003”. He has performed around the world in different cities such as Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Barcelona, Brussels, Melbourne, Beirut, Amman, London, Ramallah, Istanbul, Rome, and many more. He regularly releases singles on his SoundCloud page, which includes collaborations with local and international artists (such as Akhenaton, Grup Ses Beats, Ethnique Punch, She3rap to name a few).