Atikka is the new Copenhagen based trance duo consisting of Danish artist Susanne Benther Mouritsen (aka Xuri) and Australian artist John Cleworth (aka Cleworth) – a duo specialising in bringing hypnotic live trance sets into club spaces. Making their debut back at Kune Festival in July 2022, Atikka emitted a fresh sound with their pounding live set – proving to now be ones to watch emerging out of the Copenhagen trance scene.

Having both a background in experimental music, Xuri and Cleworth are stretching the genre of trance through incorporating driving breakbeats, hypnotic melodies, and odd structures that excite playfulness – all driven by a modern sound design.

Susanne and John have performed as a duo since 2019 with their alias’ Xuri and Cleworth, guiding the listener through their extraterrestrial explorations, whilst exhibiting an electrifying array of crisp synthesis layered with organic recordings and immersive sound design.  Their recent project of note ‘For My Brother’ was debuted when Xuri and Cleworth closed the Mimerlaven stage at Norberg Festival 2022.