3Phaz is a Cairo-based electronic producer mostly known for his debut album ‘Three Phase’, an album that presented a powerful and fresh new take on egyptian mahraganat/ shaabi sound; the record was released on the Egyptian label 100Copies in 2020. With further singles and remixes released on the likes of Rinse, Boomkat, Polaar, Nashazphone, and Irsh, 3Phaz quickly carved his way into the international club music scene allowing him to perform all around Europe.

3Phaz’s sophomore album ‘Ends Meet’ was released in Feb 2023 on Discrepant sub-label Souk followed by his EP ‘DramTraTrax’ released on Tratratrax in May 2023, both of which were featured in multiple end-of-year lists including Pitchfork, The Quietus, and Bandcamp to name a few.